Veronica Mars Season 4 SPOILERS

Has anyone else watched?

I thought it was a fine addition to the series, thought not without issues.

The good:
Dialog very sharp
Solid production values

The meh:
Leo needs a third expression
They really pushed the limit on Veronica Mars sex scenes

The bad:
Last episode felt packed/rushed
Killing him off screen, really?
All the villains were old
So the cartel hitmen shot the hillbillies with...non-lethal ammunition?  What really happened in the desert?
2nd bomber was not credible


  • JoshTheBlackJoshTheBlack Atlanta, GA
    I liked it.  It was much better than the movie, which I kickstarted.  

    I think the hitmen faked out the senator to collect the 100K, thinking the hillbillies would wrap back around and take out the senator.  

    I think Patton Oswalt and JK Simmons were excellent additions to the show.

    The late end twist was a bit of a gut punch, but I think the more mature adult romance was the weakest part of the season.  The melodrama from highschool Veronica and Logan was charming and relate-able, but mid-30s V&L it seemed childish and farcical.  I think killing off Logan was probably a choice made to set up future seasons.  VM's style will probably work better with her constantly in new adult relationships that you could expect to be a bit less stable compared to the longterm thing she had going.  
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