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  • Have you guys considered board game arena? The catalog is a little small but the interface is a million times better than TTS. Plus it's in browser so no issues with older computers. 

  • I’ll play any platform if we get people. I’m back in every Saturday starting this Saturday. 
  • I am also available Saturdays as usual. 
  • I’m assuming this is a no go giving our main man has the vid?
  • Rescheduled to next weekend
  • Ok I can attempt a game tomorrow. 
  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
    edited August 2020
    I can play but I have to step away for I don’t know how Long from 10:45 to XXpm EST to do my Covid test before I can be released from my quarantine. 
  • Same day/time?
  • I’m in. Hope you’re feeling better buddu
  • So tomorrow then?
  • I’ve set my alarm to join at 8. 
  • MoonMan13MoonMan13 Northern Kentucky
    I had been lurking in the group a bit but have lost track. I have a question. What is a good starter deck/card game for the family? Especially one that has a broad appeal since I'm probably the only one in the group who is aware that there are games besides euchre and monopoly.
  • I would suggest Sushi Go, Love Letter, Coup, Skull, Codenames, and Exploding Kittens
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