Preferred Android app for premium feed

Couldn't find a way to search the forms so sorry if this is a redundant topic. 

What's the best Android podcast app for streaming & downloading premium feeds? The Google podcast app is ok but doesn't allow subscribing to premium feed. 


  • I use Podcast Addict and the premium feed works fine on it. Maybe there are better apps out there but I never tried any other ones because this works well for me.
  • FlukesFlukes Calgary, Canada
    Podcast Addict is probably the easiest as it officially supports http authentication.

    I always land back at Pocket Casts (which recently became free) because the UI is much more refined. Where PA makes everything configurable and exposes every potential action in every contextual menu, PC is more streamlined and opinionated which, in my opinion, makes for a better user experience.

  • I've been happy with BeyondPod for a number of years and it makes using the premium feed easy. Have tried a couple others but came back to it mostly because I've just become used to the interface.
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