Apple TV+ Early Opinions



  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    @MrX you don;t own a gaming device that you can download the ATV app on?
  • Teresa from ConcordTeresa from Concord Concord, California
    MrX said:
    Signed up for Apple TV+ this month so we could watch the movie Wolfwalkers with our son (really good, the animation is unique compared to most stuff out there. Plus - Sean Bean!).

    But I discovered that they're isn't an app for my Sony tv that has the Android TV platform. So I had to cast it from my laptop. Not the biggest deal in the world but a pain in the butt and not doing much to encourage me to keep the subscription, even though I do want to check out a few shows. I have a Roku on our basement tv so I guess this month I'll be doing my Apple watching down there...
    I ha e a Sony TV and easily loaded the app. Same with my Vizio. Im surprised can’t load it in your tv?

    also @rkcrawf  I’ve watched a few shows and they’ve all been pretty good. Unlike Netflix that seems to care more for number of shows instead of quality. 
  • Chinaski said:
    @MrX you don;t own a gaming device that you can download the ATV app on?

    Nah, haven't had a console since the PS3 I got rid of a couple years ago. My basement is pretty nice so I'm good watching down there, good laundry folding situation, haha. The biggest challenge to starting new shows is that all I really want to watch right now is last season's Top Chef on Hulu that I'm finally catching up on!
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