AHS: 1984 E7 Lady in White & E8 Rest in Peaces (Spoilers)

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AHS: 1984  E7 Lady in White  & E8 Rest in Peaces (Spoilers)

Just wanted to download my reactions off the top of my head and hear yours, the handful of watchers out there.  Forgot to make show threads the past 2 weeks like I had been doing.  This will just be a jumbled recollection of the recent 2 episodes.

Kajagoogoo.  So great.  And when they come back to life and Limahl says "We've never been tighter" .... *chef's_kiss*

Richard Ramirez's actor continues to be "doing the most" as the kids say today.  He's being "so extra" when he air guitars with his Billy Idol pick.  Lots of fun.  And who is having equally as much fun is Dylan McDermott with his I don't know what it is / Joey Buttafucoco thing.  My wife thinks he looks like Tex Kerschen and I agree. (No one is going to understand that reference. Too local)  

Corpse Bobby pulling Jingles out of the boat a la Jason Voorhees was very nice!

Montana's bad girl act is going to a whole new level.  Pulling some Judy out of Sleepaway Camp with crazy faces.  Speaking of Sleepaway Camp, yep agree with the Hubbards on Bobby's death being very opening scene.  

When Jingles finds his Mom in the shed, did anyone else think she was going to trap him when it looked like he was standing right underneath this giant hanging steel bird cage contraption?  Just a random observation.

Jingles going Hari Kari was so dumb, as Ramirez easily points out.  I think Lady in White tricked him into doing that so they could have their eternal picnic.  Just convenient that after Jingles offs himself Bobby magically appears after generations of his ghost mom searching for him. 

Funny moment when Hitchhiker Bruce tells the Mary Kay saleswoman to make a better pitch and she actually starts up the classic Mary Kay pitch before he cuts her off.  

Seeing poor little Cricket doing clean up duty was so funny in a weird way.  His crazy 80s hair and wearing a black trash bag. 

I said there's spoilers in here so---- the next on shows Finn Wittrock appears in the Finale!!! Alright!  Also it made it seem like Trevor is now a ghost so somewhere in the Finale I guess he's going to die....weird for them to reveal that in a next on.  But Ryan Murphy gonna Ryan Murphy so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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    So are the people coming back from the dead at Camp Redwood actually ghosts? They don't quite seem to go by the AHS ghost rules; they can still be 're-killed' just to spawn again, and apparently tied up and/or restrained after having been re-spawned. Beyond being able to rise from the dead, they don't seem to have any special abilities other than becoming total a-holes... :)   I think they're something else, and might have something to do with the final solution to some of them being able to leave (or go to heaven/hell if we're considering this literal purgatory)

    Have we seen Chef Bertie yet? Are we assuming she's in the purgatory kitchen just making sandwiches for all eternity?

    And they've set this up way too hard not to have an actual Billy Idol appearance, right?
    I think it was Cecily who said Billy Idol as Satan would be perfect, totally agree  :)

  • MichelleMichelle California
    I love this show and this season but I gotta say, these weren't my fav episodes.  I think it mainly has to do with Bruce.  I'm not a fan of the character at all (although I think Dylan McDermott is great).  I don't see the point of adding this character to the story.

    Also, the 'redemption' arc of Jingles isn't making sense to me.  He started out as this grisly serial killer who is now being portrayed as a pitiful, gentle soul all because he a) learned that Margaret, not him, was the camp killer in the '70s; b) he moved to Alaska, cleaned himself up, got a job at Blockbuster lite, got married, and had a baby; c) had an insane mother, tragically lost his brother at a young age, and was made to feel responsible for it.  Are we just supposed to forget that he *willingly* slaughtered people in '84 and went back to the camp in order to seek revenge on Ramirez?  I feel like we have two separate Jingles but their story blends together like oil and water.  I did like that he found his heaven/happy afterlife with his mother and brother, *but* it's like we're just supposed to forget that he actually was a serial killer of his own volition.

    Sad, mopey Montana didn't make sense this ep.  She's always been strong, hardheaded, and a fighter.  Rather than get sad when Trevor expressed that he wanted to be with her forever at the camp, she should have clapped back rather than chase him off by the lake and cry alone.  It just seemed out of character.  And what happened to her hooking up with Xavier?  I guess that ended the minute she saw Trevor?

    Speaking of Xavier, he's still my fav and I really hope he's able to escape this purgatory and make it big in Hollywood, even if only as a ghost.  I want to see a shot of him on the cover of TV Guide (since he was lamenting his chance at that after he was thrown in the oven).

    Margaret needs to either be killed or arrested for her crimes.  I'd love Courtney to be the one who either kills her or turns her in to the police.

    The finale should (hopefully) kick ass.  I want to see a banger '80s concert!

  • MichelleMichelle California
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    @A_Ron_Hubbard & @Cecily, not everywhere in Cali is void of roller rinks!  We have one here in Humboldt, about 30 min. south of my city.  My nieces have had bday parties there and it's pretty fun.  It totally brings back memories of my own childhood. :)
  • Also, new bald move rule: whenever ARon is going to make an analogy, it has to start with "It's like when you're watching porn..."

    This applies to all podcasts for all shows

  • HunkuleseHunkulese Québec, Canada
    This season needed another major arc or plot twist. Even though it's going to be the shortest season yet, they've really been spinning their tires for the last few episodes. The over the top performances are really all there is after the longest night finally ended.
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