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  • CretanBullCretanBull Toronto
    cdrive said:
    That LYSIS!! 

    I absolutely love it, I've never bonded with a pedal more quickly than I have with the Lysis - it makes so many wildly different sounds, it's endlessly fun to play with!

  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    edited August 2
    I swapped some things around on my pedal board to play along with Siamese Dream the other day and it was super fun. I used to know that whole album head to toe. Even took down my old Siamese Dream tab book from when I was 16. I forgot I had sharpied out “fuck” in silver fuck every place it appears so my Mom wouldn’t throw it away haha.  I miss having a boss dd6 w/ reverse delay for Soma, but my digitech polara has a reverse reverb that gets 90% there for that stuff. Of course the op-amp big muff and the mutron bi-phase clone is the big driving secret sauce for prettty much most of the album. Super fun. Think I said that already. How you doing @CretanBull !? What’s been happening? Wanna return to BM Fantasy Football!?  :p 

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