Simple theory with no end

My theory is simple. Robo hobo had a divergence in the beginning of the episode. Gail bot went off scripted when The Man in Black called her out for being a mole. Gail bot used her newfound individuality that we saw in the last episode to make sure she could get The Man in Black’s portion of the shares at all cost. Hence the sending to the mental institute last minute. Lastly, doesn’t the divergence shown by robohobo resemble the reveries of the host in season 1 & 2 ? 


  • Well I like the idea of Delores beta inside Charlotte going off script and improvising. It would be really cool to have a two spider-mans pointing at each other scene with the two versions of Delores. My only problem is that I think there's a more straight forward way to look at the divergences. In episode 3 we find out that Robo Hobo is not just predicting behavior, but also actively intervening. So Robo Hobo is predicting dice rolls but sometimes they're playing with loaded dice. The divergence isn't Charlotte doing something Robo Hobo didn't predict. It's William going off the path that Robo Hobo had planned. 
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