Interesting tidbit about Justin Theroux regarding The Leftovers

Came across this and looking back on it I am really glad Theroux pushed for the character to go in this direction...

When screenwriter and producer Damon Lindelof first imagined the character of Kevin in The Leftovers, he pictured a deeply angry man. This changed, however, when the showrunners were impressed with Justin Theroux's portrayal of the character as scared and vulnerable rather than angry.

“I really do believe that a lot of the best ideas that we’ve had for the show were inspired by choices that the actors themselves were making,” Lindelof told Backstage in 2017. He continued:

Our original plan for Kevin Garvey was that he was a cop who had all this anger inside him, and because he was repressing that anger, it was creating all these issues. But then Justin started playing him in a much more vulnerable way, and we started writing to that idea.


  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    Absolutely a change for the best. He played that character perfectly.
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