Regina King confirmed the egg at the end of Watchmen

So I work for Target and every year Target typically does a huge convention ramping up for Q4 at the Target Center (Timberwolves home court) and they have a ton of guest speakers and performers. Clearly this year everything is virtual and 1 of the guest speakers was Regina King.

The host got talking about Watchmen with her and asked about the future of Watchmen and the way Regina King responded all but confirmed she gained Dr. Manhattan's powers when she ate the egg (which everybody assumed but it was never confirmed). The Target host of course was an idiot and didn't know that it's a 1 season limited series and thought there would be a 2nd season. But Regina King's response included the following

"I'm sure that there is the idea of trying to enter into what that story would be, what people would try to do finding out that a black woman had that power. What that would look like is probably a very daunting task for a writer or even just someone to consider tackling."
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