Orange is the New Black drops early! Spoilers!

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The whole season is now available! Our first podcast of the a season will be out this Tuesday!


  • Watched the first episode tonight. It was a so-so opener but I think I felt the same last season, and last season was awesome.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Watched the first one, cried at the end. Annoyed that Alex is still around because she suuuuuuuuucks so much. Love almost everyone else though. TL;DR - Yay!
  • BransformerBransformer North Carolina
    Yeah. I forgot about Piper till about she popped up about 15 min into the ep.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Watched the first episode last night, me and Cecily both lost it at the end.  Did not fucking see that coming.
  • UnderwoodUnderwood Philadelphia, PA

    Watched the first episode last night, me and Cecily both lost it at the end.  Did not fucking see that coming.

    Will you two be doing the podcast for this? Enjoyed your AHS coverage together.
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    Almost done with the season, One thing I noticed is that there seems to be more humor than the last season. I mean more humor after the first episode. The Vee arch was a kinda of heavy theme last season. The prison still has problems but most are not so intense.
  • Just finished E3 and it was SO hilarious.
  • BransformerBransformer North Carolina
    Bout to start ep 5. Nice to see a Boo story. I'm worried about this Company taking over though.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I could write a book on my conflicted feelings about Healy.
  • I'm on E8, and this whole GRRM commentary is gold.
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    NikkiP said:

    Just finished E3 and it was SO hilarious.

    Healy trying to act like the black counselor to Alex was hilarious.

    Season is alright so far, really disliked season 2 so I hope it's better than that.
  • AshleyAshley Atlanta, GA
    I finished the season earlier today, and it was kinda lackluster for me. I enjoyed what did see, but I kept waiting for something to happen. I also noticed I wasn't very invested in most of the flashbacks this time around.

    I'm interested to see how other people feel about it. 

  • Great marketing campaign. My facebook blew up because of the early release and probably increased both traffic and sales. 
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Not impressed with this season. Kinda blah.
  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    Pennsatucky rocks! She is so backwards and sad but has so much spunk. Did anyone see that of all the characters she would have gotten to this point? Some of the other arches might have been more deep and emotional but I liked her story the most.   
  • MichelleMichelle California
    So happy this is finally back!  I binge watched the whole season, but don't want to say too much in case others haven't... but let me just say that there is some good and interesting stuff ahead.

    Loved the season opener.  The scenes with the women and their kids/families was great.  It was so nice to see most of the women happy and with smiling faces, the kids playing together, etc.  I agree though, Boo's clown makeup and getup was a bit scary.  Pennsatucky's makeshift memorial to her aborted fetuses was a bit too dark for me, but totally fits with her character.  Although I did find it amusing that their names all started with B, and it made me wonder, why B?

    Think I'm getting a bit sick of Piper.  I do like that she has turned into a bit of a hardened badass who just doesn't have a single fuck to give anymore, but I am totally over the whole Piper/Alex tension.  I'm just done with it.  If I compare the two, at this point I actually find Alex more a more likeable and interesting person, and that's saying something.

    Fav. character right now, and has been for a while, is Red.  I just love that she's tough as nails but kind when she needs to be.  Kate Mulgrew is turning in a hell of a performance.

    Looking forward to the next 'cast!
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I'm current through episode 10, and that last one was a HEAVY episode.  Is this about the time people stopped digging it, because Alex and Piper and Daya and John aside, I'm pretty happy with it.
  • aberry89aberry89 California
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    I saw someone on tumblr say, "Orange is the new Black doesn't have commercial breaks for you to take a moment to get a snack, go to the bathroom,etc... but it does have Piper and Alex scenes so..."

    Until it got the prison panty business that was mildly interesting i was SOOOO over any scene that had Piper or Alex in it. It's starting to be a real bummer with how unlikeable and utterly uninteresting Piper and Alex are. I had simular problems with Nancy from Weeds, and although I LOATHED that character, at least she was interesting to watch.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    I stopped digging it at episode 2 due to piper and Alex. I might go back and try and push myself based on everyone's positive reviews of future episodes.
  • I'm current through episode 10, and that last one was a HEAVY episode.  Is this about the time people stopped digging it, because Alex and Piper and Daya and John aside, I'm pretty happy with it.

    Though the ep was devastating, it didn't anger me away like GoT did bc of the way it was handled on this show. Also, a friend who finished the season before I did sent me a trigger warning.
  • My wife and I finished up last night and it was kind of a mixed bag for me. It was mostly good. I really liked the expansion on Chang's character and I liked what they did with Gonzales. Hard as it was to watch, all of the Pennsatucky stuff was very effective as was the stuff with Bursett and Gloria. All the stuff with Crazy Eyes' book was fantastic and particularly, I really enjoyed the finale and how they wrapped things up. I particularly enjoyed how things wrapped up with Soso and with Crazy Eyes. Just felt good.

    The things that I didn't really care for: Most things having to do with Piper. Piper and Alex, Piper and Beiber, Piper "the Godfather," etc. I don't hate Piper typically. She has always been kind of a "meh" character but even when she was doing cool stuff (like running an illegal operation from inside prison) she was just really obnoxious about it. I get that it part of the make-up of her character and there was no "betrayal" of who she is, but it's just not terribly fun to watch. She's just so "meh." I also thought the "cult of Norma" stuff got to be a bit tedious. I think they just gave the story too much real estate. Mostly though, I saw a bit of "season 3 syndrome." I wouldn't have noticed it if my wife hadn't pointed it out, but once you see it you can't unsee it. It seems like round about season 3 of shows the hair and make-up gets ramped up. In Scrubs for instance, you started to see everyone fixing their teeth and having commercial grade hair where before it was kind of refreshing that people looked a lot more like people. This is particularly kind of annoying in OitNB with it being a prison show. Just kind of takes you out of the experience a bit. Not a huge thing, but a nagging little thing.  

    All in all though I really enjoyed it. Maybe not quite as much as seasons 1 and 2, but I definitely liked it. I'm kind of grateful for no more Jason Biggs. I like him well enough in general, but his and Piper's dynamic was done long before the show realized it.

  • It seems like I'm in the minority, but I've never really had a problem with Piper. I agree her relationship with Alex and Jason Biggs was never super compelling, but I still think her character is entertaining and funny.
  • In a different show maybe it wouldn't be a problem, but OitNB is an embarrassment of riches in the character department and I just feel like a great deal of the time spent on her leaves me wishing I was following someone else. I don't think she's a bad character, it's just tough when the central character isn't as interesting as most of the ensemble. I like her brother a lot, and I think that their interactions are always fun. I like their dynamic a lot. I also liked her infinity symbol moment (trying to not go into too much detail because even if this is a "spoilers" board I don't want to over-do it. You know what I think it is? I think I just struggle to enjoy her quest on "how to be." I get that it is just a part of who she is and it's not like it isn't played well or written sufficiently, but it's just not an angle or a performance aspect that I enjoy. There are things to like about her and there is a quality to her performance, it's just not really for me and when there are so many things that I really enjoy about the show a shadow gets cast on that portion of the show. It's all well done, just not my thing.
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    I'm really enjoying the show so far, season 2 for me just didn't click, I wasn't a fan of Vee or the storyline. I'm at episode 8 and this season has been so funny, I'm not an Alex fan, so I hope she gets taken out. Really enjoying what they are doing with Piper and her panty business though, and Suzanne and her story is a fun storyline as well.
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    What I find very interesting after having watched all of season 3 is how they made me feel very ambiguous about literally every character!

    Peolpe that I really liked like Poussey, Nicky, Norma and Lorna became (already starting in season 2) quite unsympathetic to me. Others like Caputo, Healy, Brooke, Red and even Pornstache got at least a little more human or in Red´s case one of my most favorite characters! But I really don´t have a lot of people that I would give 1-3 or 8-10 points on my sympathy scale. Most characters are so controversial that I can´t love or hate them without having regrets.

    Until now I really like this versatility, I just hope they keep the development "in character" and don´ßt go to wild with it!

    For season 4 I hope Gloria won´t be in such a major role...I don´t really dislike her, but after the "prison mom battle" in season 2 (with Vee and Red) and the "real world mum battle" (with Sophia) in season 3 I am ok with her not being part of a major plot-line in season 4.

    What did you think about the new side characters (Suzannes crush and the curly black girl who is fan of both Suzanne and Norma)? I don´t really liked both of them and hope they will not be a big part of the story...But I would like to see more of crazy Lolly!


    Chris (from Germany)
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    I finished the season last night, and I thought this was the best season yet. It had a lot of moments that made me tear up, but at the same time it was so damn funny! This show is the perfect definition of a Dramedy. My biggest takeaways/questions:

    1. I still hate Piper (horrible person), but she makes me laugh a lot ("I think really hard with my lady brain") and I really liked how when she got backed into a corner by Stella she got shit done. I thought that the whole panty thing was a little silly at first, but at $3,500 a week that's $182,000 a year; that's a shit-load of money and I buy that it's worth the risk. 

    2. Alex sucks. I hope she's dead but judging by the cliffhanger I'm assuming that the guard is going to threaten her and then coerce her into doing something for Kubra. She has no redeeming qualities and I hate every moment she's on the screen. 

    3. Red and Healy? I gagged every time they were on screen together. It does appear that Healy had a horrible childhood though; I wonder if his mother is the reason he hates women? 

    4. I'm interested in the Judy King dynamic for next season. She, as a famous person, presumably will have a lot of power to bring public attention to all of the cuts the prison is making. It will be very disappointing if it just turned into more kitchen drama with Red. 

    5. Red Velvet guard has to die. 
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I loved Red and Healy! Normally I'm not down for the guard/prisoner relationship in these shows because of the authority/power dynamic, but Red is more than a match for Healy. If any woman would get him to calm the hell down, it's her.

    Healy is a fantastic character, and in my opinion one of the most wonderfully complex on TV. My instinct as a pretty hardcore feminist is to hate him because he just reeks of MRA, his instant reaction when things don't go his way is anger and lashing out, and he does some really awful things (letting Pennsatucky try to kill Piper, getting the other counsellor fired because he was jealous she was better than he was, etc.). However, there's something about him that still makes him likeable despite that - he wants to be nice, and he tries, but he doesn't have the skills and he doesn't know how to get them. I don't think he hates women as many people I've heard say - I think he finds them intimidating and unpredictable, and as a result his reactions to them are intimidating and unpredictable. He sees them as "women" rather than "people", so he categorises them as "other".

    I could go on about this for hours because I find him so intriguing; Healy is a really interesting portrayal of an angry, middle class white man with angry, middle class white man problems. Kudos to the writers for making that something I actually want to watch and learn more about.
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    Finished the season today and I'm really impressed, this is my favorite season.

    Donut dude sucks, really don't want to see my girl Maritza get raped so I hope that storyline ends early next season.
    Pipers storyline this season was really fun, and seeing her go full on bad prison bitch was awesome, hope she keeps getting more and more ruthless.
    Can't wait to see Red v Judy
    Really related with SoSo these last few episodes, her storyline really mirrors some things going on in my life right now so her story really hit me hard, glad to see her join the black girls.
    Black Cindy
    Tastee as the mom will be fun
    Hopefully Alex will not be returning next season.
  • To quote Tom Haverford, Alex is "done-zo!" She's just got to be, right? That's some serious bullshit if she's not.
  • For the record, I would be okay with Cecily as your permanent co host on this podcast. It seems like the logistics of the rotating cast are becoming a big problem.
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