302 - "Bed Bugs and Beyond"

Director: Constantine Makris
Writer: Jim Danger Gray


  • KenzieKenzie Sanger, Tx
    I just wanted to say that it was revealed in season 1 the Bennet lost his leg after it got infected after he was cut while swimming in a dirty hot tub in Florida. There seemed to be some confusion about that in the podcast. Besides that, keep up the good work! I'm really enjoying your coverage this year. :)
  • I saw this episode right after I commented in the thread for the first episode saying that I won't mind Piper sticking around if she becomes a side character having interesting interactions with anyone who's name isn't Vause. This episode has me worried now. 

    Not a bad episode, but definitely a step down from the "Mother's Day" episode.
  • AndrewAndrew New York
    I'm fairly sure that they knew Mendez was wealthy because she lives in Greenwich, CT. It's where all the investment bankers who work in Manhattan live.
  • MichelleMichelle California
    I hate to tell ya, A-Ron, but yes... it's true... *cringes*
    But not only that...  check this out.   

  • Michelle said:

    I hate to tell ya, A-Ron, but yes... it's true... *cringes*
    But not only that...  check this out.   

    I was wondering about that-totally seems like the kind of old school myth that some people would think is ok. And, also....barf. lol
  • KenzieKenzie Sanger, Tx
    I think it was the podcast for this episode that someone mentioned Mendez maybe getting like 7 years for having sex with Daya. Is that really how long we think he will be in jail?


    I going to throw this story out there. Basically in 2013 a female prison guard was caught in an affair with a inmate who had been on and off of death row and she became pregnant. The authorities eventually took the baby and the guard was sentenced to one year in prison with possibility of early release. But I guess the difference is this is a female guard to male inmate where OITNB is male guard to female inmate if that would make a difference, which it probably would. What I'm really wondering though is how long everyone else thinks Mendez will spend in prison.
  • AshleyAshley Atlanta, GA

    Just FYI, the name you were trying to think of was Maritza. Marzipan is, indeed, food.

    And I believe Aleida's name is pronounced "uh-lay-duh" as opposed to "uh-lee-da." Every time you said her name, I was like, who tf is that, lol.

    As much as I can't stand Alex, or Alex and Piper together, I really don't mind Piper with the rest of the cast. I know everyone on Tumblr hates her, but for me, I think cutting down her screentime in S2 did her a lot of favors.

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