Black Widow SPOILERS

Just a thread to discuss the film as a whole.

Listened to the podcast earlier this morning and Aron said that the face masking thing came out of nowhere and it’s never happened in these movies before which isn’t true. Natasha gets the jump on Robert Redford’s character in Captain America: The Winter Soldier using the same tech.

Really digging the whole Valentina putting together a Dark Avengers or Anti-Avengers type team. 


  • I really thought they were going to blow everyone’s minds with that post credit scene when they had Yelena whistle at Natasha’s gravestone. I was fully expecting a whistle in response and then smash cut to black.
  • lengmolengmo RTP, NC
    From the last movie discussion:
    This was probably the most balls-to-the-wall pure action movie that Marvel has ever done, and the character stuff in here is pretty excellent. 
    I was noticing how it was extremely well paced with action scenes and short plot scenes...except for IMO Melina's house scene, which felt draggy.  Maybe they should have had a booby trap each sister has to avoid in the house. ;-)

    My one real complaint with the movie is David Harbour's character.  It's a classic mistake to make the male characters dumb to make the female characters seem smarter (see Agent Carter, s2).

    I feel like Yelena takes over from Tony Stark the role of main MCU snark dispenser.

  • Yup, definitely enjoyed Black Widow quite a bit. I will agree with the guys that after that initial Ohio scene and opening credits it was a bit slow for a little too long. Oh and the opening credits were amazingly done and worked ridiculously well with the slow, symphony version of Smells Like Teen Spirit. 

    The guys definitely missed on the whole Black Widow using other people's faces because she's definitely used that trick a couple times in past films if I'm not mistaken. I'm just happy to have MCU content back in the theaters, it's been far too long. 

    @RyanReeseman I'm with you on being real curious to see where the Valentina plotline is going. Not 100% sure where they're going with the Hawkeye series but I'm in for it. He was one of if not the least interesting characters but I think it's more of a setup for Hailee Steinfeld's character, Kate Bishop.  
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