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So, I watched the extended cut (SPOILERS ahead). It was fun - just more of the world. But, all of the cuts seemed justified. They kind of just piled on the already established themes or gave extra minor details of the storylines. For instance…

1. There’s more Guy and Faye (harmlessly) flirting / becoming closer friends.
2. There a few more quick scenes with Tina (Charlize Theron), specifically some with her dating her dentist.
3. There’s kind of a fairly long sequence when the band arrives in Pittsburgh for their first big show and they’re intimidated by it all (ala Hoosiers).

More interestingly…

4. The state-fair-tour music montage is extended with a funny scene where it’s revealed that the Ethan Embry has hooked up with one of the Chantrellines.
5. The cut scene with Howie Long seems to imply that he’s Mr. White’s boyfriend.

The only things that were weird and most certainly needed to be cut…

6. At one of their early shows (at the pizza place), as a prank, towards the end of one of their songs, someone starts spraying a fire extinguisher into the crowd and it causes a mini-riot.
7. Towards the end of the film, after Guy has jammed with Dell Paxton, he calls Clint Howard (one the D.J.s that interviewed the band earlier) to tell him about it, and mentions that Dell and other musicians are just hanging out at the studio, talking about jazz. Clint Howard tells Guy that he should record them (i.e. their conversation) so that he can play it on the radio and that if he does, he’ll give him a job as D.J. So… Guy (somehow) secretly records these jazz musicians shooting the shit in the studio - just talking about jazz - and then takes the tapes back with him to the hotel.

It’s weird. Anyway, if you’re a fan of the movie, the extended cut is worth checking out. You can rent it on Amazon Prime.
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