What Other Podcasts Do You Listen To?



  • For me:

    - startalkradio
    - intelligence squared
    - stuff you should know and its sister podcasts
    - skeptics guide to the universe

    On the TV side - since it was not covered initially here, I found a few for True Detective and The Americans.

    Tom in WV
  • fyi - 4 episodes of Serial today - hooked
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    @tom_g‌ Can you point me to the podcasts for The Americans?
  • I remember one being 'rise comrades'
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    @Dee - a friend recommended Watching The Americans because they supplement their analysis with a helpful history segment. I've only listened to the most recent one, in which they discuss the title sequence, but I plan to listen to them for my rewatch before S3 starts.

  • I listened to a lot of the original crab feast too. I think the newer episodes must be hard to make because these guys have like zero material left as far as crazy real life stories. I wouldn't mind if they changed the format a bit. @DoctorBell‌
  • Listened to a PWTorch podcast the other day. It's owner/ frontman Wade Keller sent out some love to our very own Bald Move franchise. Twas a nice plug
  • The Gist with Mike Pesca is a daily that is very entertaining
    The HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast is great, after Personal Arrogants got me into the fellow.

    sports podcasts:
    Effectively Wild: a daily baseball podcast focused on baseball minutia and over analyzing in an entertaining fashion
    Fantasy Underground: a fantasy football podcast that is not a bad drive time morning show, and also not a boring reading rankings snoozefest

    Up and In... the best (Non-PA edition) podcast ever...baseball, punk rock, art, literature, #Want, #Rig, strange mattresses, and mexican coke. #RIPKEVIN. It ended 2 years ago, and I still go back and re-listen.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Thanks @tom_g‌ and @pavlovsbell‌ - I'll check those out. :-)
  • I forgot to add this only because they rarely record episodes anymore, but one of my favorite podcasts, and maybe the first one I became really excited for is W. Kamau Bell and Vernon Reid's The Field Negro Guide to Arts and Culture. These guys would discuss everything from comic books, to movies and music. They are always entertaining and I hope start recording again soon.

    You can find it iTunes, but not Stitcher.
  • I’m sure most people are hear would consider themselves ‘podcast enthusiasts’, in my attempts to get more people to listen to the medium I normally recommend these shows, it generally snags them somewhere in their interests.. unlisted but obviously always included is BaldMove

    For History
    Revolutions By Mike Duncan , its 15 episodes per revolutions , he’s done the English, American and half way through the French revolution now. The same guy did a ‘The History of Rome’ which is like ancient Rome till about 450AD, both are great.

    Edit: Sorry for so many recs didn't mean to fill the page

    I'm 4 episodes into Revolutions, and I really dig it. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • Michael_CMichael_C The great white north
    Might as well add my list of shows I listen to other than Bald Move podcasts:

    Digital Noise: Blu-ray and DVD podcast.
    Flophouse- Bad movie podcast hosted by Daily Show writers. Very absurd that goes into a ton of tangents (My favorite being when they discussed Foodfight, and wound up talking about A Cat On a Hot Tintin Roof)
    Stuff You Should Know- General information podcast about a variety of topics.
    Nerdist- Chris Hardwick yelling a lot
    WTF with Marc Maron - Great interview show that can get really personal.
    THEOG - General geek topics. It used to be known as The LEOG.
    How Did This Get Made? - Bad movie podcast.

    I imagine there a ton I'm forgetting, but those are the main ones.

  • I just finished the entire 16 episode run on the English Revolution in the Revolutions podcast done by Mike Duncan (The History of Rome) It was recommended here in this thread, so thanks for the recco!

    No Personal Arrogants, and no tv podcasts have really opened up time...
  • The first podcast i started listening to is Ice T: Final Level.
    Discovered the Bald move network through the Game of Thrones podcast and I now listen to lots of the Bald Move podcasts.
    Just recently found a B5 rewatch podcast called Jumpgate.
  • @jpthet‌ No worries, glad you like them, the latest one on the french revolution has totally hooked me, i'm reading the Oxford History of the French Revolution as a result, which ya know i generally wouldn't do for fun.

    I'll check the HP Lovecraft cast that looks right up my street thanks for that !
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    For A Song of Ice and Fire book fans and conspiracy theorists I just found Radio Westeros podcast which is very well done and comes up with some great theories and predictions based on the texts.
  • JimJim
    edited December 2014
    @FlashGordon‌ That HP Lovecast that @jpthet‌ recommends is great. seconded.

    @Michael_C‌ what does a podcast about DVD / Blu-Rays sound like? new release announcements? special feature reviews?
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    In the Kevin Smith family of podcasts I really enjoy Smodcast, Hollywood Babble On and Tell Em Steve Dave (TESD being the best on that network).

    IGN has good TV and Movie podcasts, their Playstation podcast (podcast beyond) is great.

    Laser Time is a general pop culture podcast that's really fun.

    I also like to compliment the Bald Move TV podcasts with the Afterbuzz TV podcasts of the same shows.
  • So many podcasts to listen to.

    I am interested in the Paranormal. So I can recommend the 'mouth of the south', "The Gralien Report" if you into that kinda thing.

    Afterbuzz is great- purely for the immediacy of having it very quickly.
  • TheRealPaulSolarTheRealPaulSolar london or australia
    Dan Carlin's Hardcore - History Wrath of the Khans is possibly the greatest series i've listened to
    Dan Carlin's Common Sense - Dan really is one of the podcasters out there
    Out There Radio - Just got into this but really good and reserved for a conspiracy podcast
    The Generation Why Podcast
    LipTv's Crime Time - Top, top guests.
    Boars, Gore and Swords - 3rd best GOT podcast
    Books and Nachos - 15 minute book reviews by Arnie from Now Playing podcast

    Listened to Serial but I was throughly unimpressed.. What was the point exactly? Host just sat on the fence and ummmed and arrrrred.
    It was fairly obvious that Adnan was guilty and she uncovered nothing that would change my mind, hence why every appeal has been turned down.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Another Song of Ice and Fire podcast I highly recommend - History of Westeros. They really give it the hardcore history treatment. :)
  • Top ones I listen to are:

    The Joe Rogan Experience
    Double Toasted
    Monday Morning Podcast
    Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank
    The Duncan Trussell Family Hour
    The Bone Zone
    SOFREP Radio
    Outlaw Gamer Radio
    Drive Home Breakdown
    Psychedelic Salon
  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
    The /Filmcast
    The Anthony Cumia Show
    Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period
    The Nerdist
    WTF with Marc Maron
    You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
    Monday Morning Podcast
  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Currently Offline
    I just started listening to the Cracked podcast after going through nearly all of their Youtube content. Cracked is nerdy, thoughtful and always funny.
  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Currently Offline
    @ksa1001‌ Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast is hands-down the best solo podcast ever. I can't think of one other person who I could listen to on his own for an hour-long unscripted and unplanned podcast. (Aside: I got tickets to see him when he comes home to Boston in May :) )
  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
    @FrakkinToaster‌ NICE! I've seen him 5 or 6 times live. Always a good show and I've almost never heard the same material twice. He's always writing. Him and Patrice O'neal are my favorite comedians.
  • Bill Burr just did Bill Simmons' show the other day in case that information is useful. I haven't listened to it yet, but I'm probably going to get to it today.
  • Has anyone mentioned the Freakonomics podcast yet? They talk about different issues( aspects of modern life) from unusual perspectives. Two recent podcasts talked about generic brands and re-designing public bathrooms.
  • AndrewAndrew New York
    The aforementioned LCS show just did an interview with a fella named Alan Woodman, who says he lived the real life Breaking Bad. He was a chemist who manufactured drugs for various organized crime venues and was sentenced to life. And, @Jim Jones‌ and @A.Ron.Hubbard , he says he got his start with a chemistry set his parents gave him when he was 8.


    It's on blogtalk, which sucks as both a website and for sound quality, but if you search "LCS" on iTunes it should pop up first.

    The first hour is the interview, the second half of the show they talk to Ed Miller, then talk top 11 prison movies.
  • @ksa1001‌ Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast is hands-down the best solo podcast ever. I can't think of one other person who I could listen to on his own for an hour-long unscripted and unplanned podcast. (Aside: I got tickets to see him when he comes home to Boston in May :) )

    I agree about Burr, and I usually dislike solo podcasts, but I do recommend Jim Florentine's podcast. He is hilarious. He'll do stuff like rant about annoying Facebook posts and terrible baby names. It's really entertaining.
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