My Favorite Murder Sells Out And I Fell Back In Love w/ BM

The ladies at MFM announced they sold their advertising rights to Amazon and the response from there audience is 99.999% negative. The hypocrisy is completely shocking to me, because I truly believe that they were just too funny and likable flawed women doing their best to bring awareness to tragedies through relatability and humor. It completely baffles me that they would make that move to Amazon of all tyrannical capitalists…

Reading through Reddit and all of the disappointment made me think of J+A & Not only your own drama with Amazon, but the fact that Amazon almost tanked you single-handedly. You humbly asked for help only to support Your families and continue making the network a success. We listeners rallied around you because we believed in you and respected your format and wanted you to grow. You have even walked away or turned down partnerships that would have had you in conflict with your integrity and your visions, walked when You could have made changes you wouldn’t have holistically made In order to have a faster than usual and more profitable growth.

I didn’t mean to get that deep with this, but it really just made me appreciate your product your ethics your morals and your dedication to knowing your audience and knowing yourselves. So, looking back at your progress and comparing it to another Pod that I held in the same high regard I truly would regard you as the greater success than the people who sold their souls to Bezos. 

Good on ya, mates. 

PS- I debated including this but I wanted to drive the point home… I stopped listening to podcasts after Covid and I was working at home, I have not been listening to your stuff in a while nor have I logged on to the forums. Never did it occur to me to cancel my membership when I would get notifications that my renewal was going through. I am not rich, in fact quite the opposite, but I am invested in your success and I don’t even get anything out of it. But now I know that I miss you guys so I will be down loading some episodes and start listening regularly again. 

xoxo Mandi 

PPS it also just occurred to me that since I have been absent it is entirely Possible that you have in fact sold out and I just missed it. So if that’s the case I apologize for my hastiness



  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    Didn't MFM already sell out to Stitcher in 2019?
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Well, I mean, they’re people who have packaged real life crimes and murders into entertainment and comedy, so I wouldn’t have high expectations for their integrity. 
  • Teresa from ConcordTeresa from Concord Concord, California
    So I’m not sure what it means to sell advertising rights to Amazon. I’ve heard stories about why so many are now hating on Amazon but I don’t give it much attention. I like to shop local so mostly use them for long distance gift giving only. 

    But I is/was a murderino. Why I’m drifting away is because they have grown their network and changed the very thing that made them a success. Too many stories not about unsolved or crazy crimes. Lots of social justice preaching. Not what I expect here. Not giving up yet because I keep hoping they get back on track. After all it’s said not to make big changes during COVID
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