HOTD: Can someone explain “leel” to me…

If you listen to the HOTD podcast, it’s clear the guys love saying “leel” which when I first heard them say it thought they were saying “little” but have determined now by context it must mean “loyal”, but why? What did I miss? Did someone say “leel” in HOTD or in GOT and I cannot recall? Or is it an inside joke from another show they cover?  Thanks! 


  • It was used in the early on in the show. In the first or second episode, when Rhaenyra’s picking a new kingsguard, Otto whispers to her “You might thank him for his leal service”. Rhaenyra mishears and says “Thank you for your loyal service”

    I must admit I misheard as well. I only picked up on it because I watch with subtitles. I had to look it up because I don’t think I’ve ever seen “leal” before that

  • CoryCory New Scotland
    Episode 2 i believe
  • leal
    adjective: leal
    1. loyal and honest.
      "his leal duty to the King"
    I think it wormed its way into Arons brain and metastasized.  It's become a sort of memetic virus that aron has infected the broader podcast community with.  It has completely taken over the discord!
  • I feel like the introduction of “Leal” into the Bald Move cannon is right up there with “Mildly Interesting” and “Dry Pie”. It will eventually become a thing that everyone gets but only a few will remember when it started. 
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