• A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Interesting, so not Valentine's Day. I think what we're doing this year is 2 weekends of marathons, that we release on M-W-F for four weeks or so until we're done. Try to split the difference between the way we did them last year and the Orange is the New Black model.
  • JollidayJolliday Toyama, Japan
    Little bit of a piggyback to this thread, but I did not feel that it was worth starting a new discussion.

    How good is House of Cards? Right now for me I am only watching Breaking Bad that Bald Move covers with their podcasts and that I can watch easily from Japan. I watched the first episode, and was not really "hooked" like I was with the pilot episodes of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. Is House of Cards a little slow out the gate? Would love to have another show that I could watch and listen to Bald Move dissect as I go through the season.
  • @Jolliday‌ I think House of Cards is vastly overrated. The performances are novel and interesting for about half a season, but ultimately are a bit redundant. And the plot in incredibly convoluted at times. I don't know, I just thought it was C show, at best.. I know Bald Move is going to cover The Americans starting at Season 3, premieres on Jan. 28th. My rec would be to binge S1 & S2, and follow the full cast coverage with S3.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I am puzzled why House of Cards gets so much hate. It's somewhat 24-esque in that you can rely on about once per season going "what the fuck?" about something, but Spacey is so good and it is so much fun to watch his Francis Underwood just rampage through Washington that it gets a solid recommendation from me. But I realize I/we are in the minority on that opinion, most serious critics such as Sepinwall don't even give it top 20 consideration.
  • the plot in incredibly convoluted at times.

    That's one of the main reasons the show interests me. plus, Robin Wright / Kevin Spacey
  • JollidayJolliday Toyama, Japan
    Thanks for all of the quick answers. I want to love House of Cards so much. I really respect Kevin Spacey, just was surprised at how lukewarm I am with the show.

    Even a show that I thought was going to completely dumb like Blacklist got me hooked in the first episode off of Netflix and I ended up finishing the season that week. I thought the same thing would happen with House of Cards.

    It seems that my next Netflix show may be something like Marco Polo or Peaky Blinders, although I have heard some mixed reviews about Peaky Blinders so far.

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