Season 5

As I blame you guys for getting me into this show in the first place, please say you're going to discuss the final season. Please.


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    I believe this is @Jim's specialty
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    @Jim needs to bring back the goatee for the final season.

    After a so-so S3 and S4, i thought the premiere was pretty good. Some nitpicking here and there but RAGE Tom is such a sigh of relief.

    Thats all I will say unless we are going to treat this as a Spoiler thread for the final season
  • davidjacobsdavidjacobs Portland, OR
    I gave up on this show after the horribly bad season 3. Too bad because season 2 was strong and I thought going in the right direction. Kind of amazed it lasted this long. 
  • This show was terrible...

    This show gets 5 seasons while Constantine gets 1 and Da Vinci's Demons gets an early rushed exit 3 seasons.
  • I didn't catch any of season 4.  Doubt I'll be catching up on it anytime soon.  Game of Thrones, Mythbusters, and The Expanse are filling my personal watching quota at the moment.
  • They had a chance to redeem themselves in S5 and they failed. There were a few things here and there that I enjoyed. They rushed the Efffffffffffff out of it.
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