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  • voodooratvoodoorat Atlanta
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    I'm not playing much of anything, my daughter has been monopolizing my gaming laptop pretty much all day every day.  I installed the Neverware Cloudready ChromiumOS on my old machine (quite long in the tooth, an old Acer that was a gaming laptop once, AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5650 HD in it).  I managed to install Trusty (Ubuntu 14.04) using the shell and got Steam running on it, but the default driver doesn't seem to work worth a crap with that card, anything 3D is unplayable.  It works okay for non-3D stuff, and I guess I can theoretically stream from my real laptop but since it's usually in use I can't really.  Also, once I got started messing around with it, it was kind of fun trying to get it to work.  I've been trying to get the proprietary AMD drivers for the particular card installed but haven't had any luck yet.  Anybody, uh, have any experience with this kind of thing?  Lol, I know it's not very well-traveled ground.
  • Cory said:

    I played Gone Home yesterday.  Fun and nostalgic for anyone who's in their 30s, and a poignant story that's slowly revealed to you.  Exploring the house and finding old SNES cartridges, old printer paper, magazines, etc was fun.

    Gone Home is such a fantastic game. The less said about the story the better, as going in blank really really allows your imagination to run wild. It is one of those games that people are dubbing a "walking simulator." That really seems to turn some folks off, but i think it is great.
    Agree on the game and on the genre.  People don't bitch about movies/tv being a "watching people do things from a disembodied camera simulator", not sure why they get so bent out of shape about narrative-heavy games/interactive movies/walking simulators or whatever you want to call them, you judge it for what it is.  In a sort of similar vein, I also really liked Firewatch (although I was biased to like it because I like the people who made it).
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    Firewatch was really fantastic. Great writing, Beautiful visuals, Excellent score. Awesome pacing. Amazing ambience and immersion. The only gripe I have was the difficulty I had finding my way around and getting to the trails that I needed to. But I almost feel like that shouldn't be too big of a gripe. Its a game about being in the woods for crying out loud, the developers can only do so much without hand-feeding where you are supposed to going, and then that breaks the illusion of the game.

    Over the course of the week I played and bailed on a number of games:

    Party Hard: This is an 8-bit style stealth game, where you are a person who can't sleep because of noisy people throwing parties and you have to murder everyone at the party with traps, hiding bodies, etc. It was fun for a few minutes (but somewhat disturbing...the 8-bit thing kinda makes it more disturbing for some reason) and as many stealth games it eventually just frustrates me.

    Bro-Force: This is an old-school Contra-style shoot-em-up. Its got  boat loads of personality and humor. But I find the gameplay and difficulty really frustrating. I may give it another whirl at some point. But its not what I am interested in playing right now.

    TellTale's Minecraft: I was told repeatedly how even if you aren't a Minecraft fan (which I certainly am not) that this game was still fun and endearing. It just didn't do much for me. I am a TellTale die-hard, but I was just never in the mood for this.

    Payday 2: I should have looked into this one more. As a stand-alone, first-person-shooter it is pretty awful. But I could imagine if you are playing with friends it may be a blast. I don't do a huge amount of online play outside of Destiny and occasionally Call of Duty with friends. So this really wasn't that great.

    However, I am about half-way through the Ratchet & Clank reboot/remaster. It is gorgeous to look at. And I'm mostly just brainlessly playing it while listening to podcasts/audiobooks. Its been scratching that itch so far.
  • NikkiNikki Ann Arbor
    edited July 2016

    It's always a struggle to find a game for my husband and me to play that is couch co-op (pretty rare) and mutually agreeable (on the level with snake's suspenders). We browsed Steam for a bit and landed on a game called Eon Alter.

    I'm a pretty hardcore board gamer (to the extent of being on the board of a game convention that has almost 1000 people attending every year). He isn't. Eon Alter has an RPG aspect to it that scratched that itch for me but wasn't so deep that he was immediately averse to it.

    The most interesting and unique aspect of this game is that you become your character... through your smartphone.

    Your phone is your controller, your character's voice and inner thoughts. You download an app, type in the code of your game that is generated when you open the game in Steam and choose your character.  

    You have unique objectives (in addition to the group's main goals) which are revealed to you on your phone and you can choose to speak them out loud to the group or keep them just to yourself. You are looking for different things throughout the game and trying to figure different things out than your partner. Every time you talk to a NPC or a boss or ally, you choose your responses on your controller based on how much you want to reveal or what you want to discuss. Then you say them out loud to the room.

    Of course there is still treasure to find, skills to upgrade and classic turn-based RPG fights.

    It's a hidden gem of Steam games. For $7, it's worth a play through. 

  • Luke said:

    Not gonna lie been playing a ton of Pokemon Go lately and having a blast.

    You and me both. I'm addicted to this shit. I've never even played anything Pokemon before I just like throwing the ball and busting them in the face
  • LukeLuke Central Illinois
    Also still been playing final fantasy 10. Finally got 0.00 on the chocobo race and then died to a Marlboro before I could save. A younger me would have put a controllet through the wall.
  • @Luke Damn I used to hate those freakin Marlboros. I remember getting stuck on one in FF8 that kept destroying my whole party. I think I did bust up a controller on that one
  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    I got Doom last week. I should have got Witcher 3. Damn, that was stupid.
  • Just started up MGSV on PC. It reminds me a lot of Peacewalker actually, which is a good thing. Much better than Ground Zeroes so far.

    I also finally broke down and bought a PS4 as my PS3 finally kicked it and I've just started Bloodborne, which is a great so far, but I love all the Souls games.
  • WonderedObjectWonderedObject SAN Francisco, CA
    So after flying through the Uncharted collection I was finally able to play number 4. Now I may be biased because I beat the collection so fast and because they came out a while ago but I thought 1-3 were extremely overrated. I'm basing this off of the fact those games are considered some of the greatest of all time. They were great, no doubt, but nowhere near the greatest in my opinion.
    That being said I found Uncharted 4 to be absolutely fantastic. It has a few flaws but by far the best in the series hands down. And that's just from playing straight through without much treasure hunting. Can't wait to go back and play it again once I catch up on my other games.
    I understand the need to compare it to Tomb Raider but they're so different in my opinion. Love both and would highly recommend them.
    Cant comment on the multiplayer since I'm not an online guy but heard it's alright.
  • @DaveyMac it's kinda faulty to compare a full game to a 7 mission demo (prologue). I'm playing TPP and maybe it's a 360 thing but the graphics don't compare to ground zeroes.
  • Fair point @mileswarrin . I guess I was just referring to my experience playing it compared to playing TPP. I got bored fairly quickly with GZ and never made it to completion, but I'm having a good time with TPP. But you're right TPP is definitely a fuller experience. I think at the time that I played GZ I was just not into Metal Gear's formula anymore, but now I've had a few years off and TPP recalls the fun time I had with Peacewalker, so that may be why I'm having more fun with it. In any case you're right that it's not a fair comparison.

    Did you play both on 360? What I played of GZ was on the PS3 and I'm doing TPP on a PC at high settings. I don't remember what GZ looked like, though, so I can't compare them graphically.
  • @DaveyMac Yeah. I only have a 360. I'm sure the graphics thing is because of the scope of both games. They could make GZ richer because of the limited area. I just wonder if releasing the game for both console generations compromised TPP graphically. I would think a PC port of the game is great graphically. I like TPP better than PW mostly because I despised the mech battles in PW.
  • Im playing the NHL 17 beta all weekend on Xbone if anybody else is. I got a couple friends ill be playing with but hit me up anyways if you want. Play a drop-in or an OTP game.

    GT: GrabboidHunter
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    I started up The Vanishing of Ethan Carter after bailing on it initially months ago. Liking it much better this time through, but the preface the game sends your way is no joke. It doesn't hold your hand whatsoever. I feel like I am stumbling through the game as opposed to being guided like so many of these first-person experiences do. Its an appropriate feeling for a game where you are constructing the aftermath of what appears to be a homicide, but a little more guidance couldn't hurt either.
  • So heard the guys talk about Kerbal Space Program and it piqued my interest. Does anyone have this game? If so for what device? PC, PS4, Xbone? 

    I am trying to decide whether to pick it up for my PC which seems to have better controls with mouse and keyboard but I wouldn't mind getting it for PS4 as I prefer to game from the couch. 

    anyone chime in on PC vs PS4 for this game?
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    I've been playing some Tricky Towers (free on PSPlus this month).  I downloaded it because it looked like it would be fun to play with my girlfriend (she doesn't game much).  It's been great, I've never seen her have so much fun while playing.  Had her two youngest kids (11 year old boy and 5 year old girl) playing with us last Sunday/Monday, and even the little girl won a couple games (out of 50+).

    Fun game to play with 2-4 people or to kill off a few minutes here and there.  It uses the same Tetrois tetroids but with a physics engine where gravity, wind, ice and even magic (good and bad) effect your tower.
  • WonderedObjectWonderedObject SAN Francisco, CA
    Just bought madden this week. Career mode still sucks but overall the game has gotten better.
  • DaveyMacDaveyMac Tokyo
    edited August 2016
    Obduction dropped today. It's puzzler from the creators of MYST. I was a backer on it and just got an email notification they'd be sending a download code soon. Can't wait to dive in. Is this on anyone else's radar?

  • sigh, diablo 3 again.  i picked up the new deus ex game and realized i never (even came close to) finished the last one so i have been playing that on and off the last few days but there's still a lot left to go before i'm done with it.
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    I beat Soma last week and holy crap! That ending! I took a few months off from the game after not being thrilled with some gameplay stuff. Having finished it, there are still some things that don't sit well with me. But the story and ending are so fantastic, that I have a hard time saying boo.

    I also downloaded Tricky Towers and what a great little game. It can be frustrating as hell at times. But it is perfect for bite-sized gaming. One round takes all of a minute or two.

    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, so this is the third time I am playing through this game (this time as part of the remastered collection). I remember not liking it as much as the others in the series, but I am curious how it plays after some distance.
  • CoryCory New Scotland

    I also downloaded Tricky Towers and what a great little game. It can be frustrating as hell at times. But it is perfect for bite-sized gaming. One round takes all of a minute or two.

    The puzzle games are my favourite.  We'll have to play sometime.
  • Awesome @Garthgou81 on the SOMA front. I'm glad you were able to get back into it. I understand having some reservations on the gameplay side, but damn what a fantastic story and ending. It stuck with me for a while afterward.
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    Cory said:

    I also downloaded Tricky Towers and what a great little game. It can be frustrating as hell at times. But it is perfect for bite-sized gaming. One round takes all of a minute or two.

    The puzzle games are my favourite.  We'll have to play sometime.
    Definitely. I am down, but not nearly as good as I want to be. 
    DaveyMac said:

    Awesome @Garthgou81 on the SOMA front. I'm glad you were able to get back into it. I understand having some reservations on the gameplay side, but damn what a fantastic story and ending. It stuck with me for a while afterward.

    Yeah, that ending was bananas. And not in a twisty way. In a way that I should have seen coming a mile away, but for some reason I didn't.
  • DrewDrew indianapolis
    edited August 2016
    Just downloaded Deus Ex, can't wait to get into it, the last one was pretty good.

    Playing a lot of Destiny still in preparation of Rise of Iron.

    WWE 2k16 was free on Xbox so I bought the season pass and have been playing around with it. It's the first WWE game I've played in 3-4 years and man has shit changed. The mechanics actually make matches pretty damn hard, back in the day I used to put the difficulty on Legend and still run through everyone but in this game I've won 2 matches out of 10 on normal.
  • DaveyMacDaveyMac Tokyo
    edited August 2016
    @Garthgou81 Yeah totally. The ending makes perfect sense and is totally telegraphed, but it still surprises. And I love how you get two totally different perspectives. Pre-credits ending and post-credits ending. The two different perspectives work together so brilliantly to create a really nuanced ending that elicits all kinds of emotions. Did you happen to take the quiz during the game and then take it again post-credits? That was interesting too to consider the same questions again after it was all said and done. I definitely ended up changing some of my answers.
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    No, I didn't see a quiz after the credits...odd. But yes, you hit everything entirely on the head.
  • Yeah there's a quiz on the in-game computer that you come across in the post-credits ending. It's the same quiz that you have the option of taking earlier in the game about how it feels being on the ark. If you stumble across it post-credits it has all your previous answers saved I believe and you can change them if you want. It doesn't alter anything game-wise, but it's just interesting considering the same questions again after having gone through the game.
  • edited August 2016
    Just started getting into RimWorld, and it's pretty great. I was really pleased when my colonists landed with a pet monkey named Shakespeare, so I started to hollow out a big hall in a cave for him. While I was doing that a wolf snapped Shakespeare's neck and his owner had a mental break from mining in the dark all day and then losing his pet. Killed the other two colonists, one of whom was vomiting because he tried to eat the monkey's corpse. Pretty great.
  • LukeLuke Central Illinois
    @DaveyMac yep picked up Obduction as well. I was too late to kick-start but it has been on my radar. I haven't played much yet, I have been sucked into Elite: Dangerous.

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