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  • aberry89 said:

    Anyone yet know if season 2 is green lit? God, i hope, so much more story can be told! So many questions still!!

    I loved the reveal of B.D. Wong in the final after credits scene, is he a double agent, a triple agent...? No ones agent? Time will tell :)

    The only thing that fell flat for me this episode was the CEO of Evil corp committing suicide on air. Heads of huge companies would just not omit defeat, no matter how desperate the situation, it's not in their DNA. You have to be a very specific type of megalomaniac to make it THAT far in that type of company. Any people perceived of having that kind of "weakness" (cant put enogh quotes around that) would have been weeded out.  It would have been far more believable if he pulled some bullshit line out of his ass to respond to the question, then later, went into the bathroom, and killed himself. That, I would have believed. They do a good job with beliveability on this show, but that didnt feel right. 

    USA picked up season 2 before the 2nd episode even aired!!!!!!
  • Who's knocking on Elliot's door, it Bill from steel mountain, there to tell Elliot, " Godammit I do matter motherfucker!!!!!!!!"
  • @joschman @aberry89

    There is indeed a title sequence in the show, it's just short and different every time. 

    I only just now got around to seeing the finale, still don't quite know what to think of it. I did like seeing Dr. Wu/BD Wong in the final scene though, curious to see how that develops in future seasons.
  • @ghm3

    Ahh.. True. I guess I've gotten so use to the same old song and dance that so many shows do. It's nice to see a show break from that mold and present the title and opening credits in a less segregated way. I always find myself fast forwarding through them, even the good ones eventually.
  • That's exactly what i like about it, title sequence is worked into the show proper - not a separate sequence. I loved the one where the "Mr. Robot" title was the shop store name. Cool little trick :)

    P.S. Is anyone playing "Until Dawn"?  It's a really awesome game, and it has Rami Malek in it!  (p.s. no spoilers please, I am not all the way done yet)

  • @joschman Yeah I agree I love they way they make them unique to the episode and have different music. That one on episode 6 or whatever was the first time I'd heard The Cure in ages. I also usually always skip title sequences, even ones I really like after seeing it enough (especially if binge-watching). 
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    This is something I posted over on /r/mrrobot. It's sort of something I'm working on developing when I have some more time to rewatch and go through the episodes a second time maybe I'll come up with some more. But, for now, in answer to the question. what is there left to explore for Esmail and crew next season? Well a lot. 

    Whiterose/White Rose -

    The meaning of shimmering white roses is not very hard to decipher if you go by their appearance. The color white has always been synonymous with purity and virtue. And so, sincerity, purity, and chastity are some of the obvious meanings of a white rose. When you need to convince that your affections are straight from the heart and are as pure as virgin snow, use a white rose. But there are more hidden meanings in a white rose than meets the eye."

    The white rose glorifies a love that is unaware of the temptations of the flesh and resides only in the soul. As opposed to the red rose that speaks of passionate promises, the meaning of a white rose is in its simplicity and pristine purity. Sometimes called "the flower of light", one of the meanings of white roses is everlasting love - love stronger than death.

    The White Rose (German: die Weiße Rose) was a non-violent, intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany, consisting of students from the University of Munich and their philosophy professor. The group became known for an anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign, lasting from June 1942 until February 1943, that called for active opposition to dictator Adolf Hitler's regime. 

    The significance of red in the background whenever Elliot is in frame 

    Red Rose maybe? 

    So the red rose speaks of passionate promises and is widely used and one of the most gifted flowers. But what if the Red Rose (Elliot) is the Red Herring? 

    Now some interesting things i've noticed throughout the episodes Elliot often seems to be framed by red in the background this happens a lot too.. is it just coincidence? Maybe Esmail likes red a lot? or is this another sixth sense - "i see deadpeople" type of clue (this is where I'm struggling to find a thread to pull here maybe you all have noticed something I missed). 

    Mr Robots sign is Red and as we know now Mr. Robot is not real just a alternative personality or delusion (we're not sure yet which) to Elliot. Sidebar: My thinking is this isn't a Schizophrenia situation like Fight Club that would be all too easy, however, more I think this is more Ed Norton in Primal where he has a multiple personality disorder (dissociative identity). Mr. Robot is just one of his personalities. 

    What if this story is really about White Rose. Elliot and Angela are merely a means to an end. In some regards it's hard to see how you can make Elliot become a lesser character in subsequent seasons with the performance he's given. However, it's not impossible. Say White Rose is the protagonist going forward. This is plenty of fuel for us to uncover. How big is White Rose how deep does it go? how much of the corrupt world have they infiltrated? What is their end game or goal? Is it for a better world or to further their own self business interests? Are they working with Evel corp or agains? And what about Tyrell? Still a lot to discover. 

  • @Fringseyeball interesting info about the meaning of the rose colors, and interesting theory I wonder if Eliot has one than one personality too, but in Primal Fever ..... SPOILER .....

    Edward Norton's character is totally faking the multiple personality disorder, as he explains it to Richard Gere that he thought that it was the defense the lawyer wanted him to use all along. I love that reveal at the end such a great movie.
  • mike_kmike_k Sunnyvale CA
    Loved Primal Fear!!! Ed Norton lost out for Best Actor to Cuba 'Show Me The Money' Gooding Jr... Unjust!!
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    MrX said:

    My one thought about what would really happen in this sort of situation while watching was that if this really went down, and all debt was erased, wouldn't the poor be hurt worse than the rich? At that point it would be about who had the most material things such as land, shelter, weapons, vehicles, etc. Rich people have way more debt than poor people overall, they just have way more to show, materially, for their debt also.

    It's not like life would just go on and everyone would get a clean slate, debt free...

    Could very well be true ... perhaps that is why the Evil-Corp CEO seems to be involved w/ White Rose / the Dark Army.

    OK, I guess not many people saw this interview:

    "Sam then told me the irony really is that Whiterose is in disguise when Whiterose is a man, and not when Whiterose is a woman. At the end of Wednesday night's episode, when Whiterose meets with [Evil Corp CEO] Philip Price, Whiterose may or may not be suppressing all of the femaleness of her to have these conversations with Price. That is a very radical concept, which I don't know if we have ever seen before," Wong told Vulture. "I made it clear to Sam that I am not comfortable with the idea of masquerading. He said, 'If there is any masquerading at all, it is Whiterose masquerading as the businessman working with Philip Price, not the reverse.' That, to me, was interesting. I don't yet know what he means by that, and I hope the show goes a bit further with it."

    That should help clear up things for some people.....I wouldn't say the Dark Army is working with E Corp, but Whiterose is the person who is on the "inside" who can infiltrate the highest ranks. 

    I thought they really did this well and used Episode 9 as the "finale" as is done so much these days and Episode 10 as the "bridge" to season 2.  The finale was never meant to close things out, but to show a little of where they are going in season 2.

    Im surprised there wasn't more talk of the interaction Elliot had with Tyrell's wife.  I think that might have been a pivotal scene.  She is cold and calculating and did not seemed surprised that Elliot was there.  The also for the 1st time didn't subtitle what she said to him, when they always have when she talks to Tyrell.

    Michael Cristofer  as Price played the role beautifully.  This character reminded me a lot of another role he did which was Truxton Spangler in Rubicon.  He plays the role of the CEO of E Corp to a T not being worried over this hack as it is only a small part of what the company does\is a part of.  Really, it is but pennies in the bucket and the scenes showed that he and E Corp will go on regardless. 

    BTW I was lost for days looking at the old thread and not seeing any posts, I guess I have to venture to the main forums now and again to ensure that there isn't a new thread posted ;)

  • As per the finale, we've all seen the "eat a bullet" suicide scene many times (big red splat behind them) however I don't recall ever seeing the face itself so violently bloody IMMEDIATELY. That managed to make a familiar scene quite jarring/shocking.
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