U.S. Politics: Alt. Edition

This thread is dedicated to alternative opinions and arguments concerning U.S. movers and shakers (parties, politicians, lobbies, corporations, celebrities, oligarchs, etc).

Alternative as in "Maybe today's Democratic party is the greater evil? Maybe supporting Third Party candidates isn't evil? Maybe CNN is fake news? Maybe Russia is the good guy? Maybe Israel is the bad guy? Maybe there are no sides, and its all one big piece of political theater, distracting us from the real danger..." The same old.

Keep it civil, keep it legal, keep it coherent. You have all the time in the world to post something, so try to make it thought out. If you can't provide much evidence for something, then try to post all the reasons for why you think it. And also try to end it by giving an example of what would change your mind about the topic. "In conclusion, this is what I think. My mind on it would change if X, Y, Z were ever made clear."

If you have more traditional opinions or arguments, the popular thread series "U.S. Politics Vol. (X)" is your home.


  • GL with this
  • Alkaid13Alkaid13 Georgia
    edited November 2018
    Is this like a joke thread or what’s going on? I’m like too tired to determined the sincerity going on here. Genuinely curious if you’re literally asking people to consider these things or if this is like satirical or what. 
  • There's nothing here that can't be discussed in the regular US politics thread, the same forum rules will be applied regardless of the thread.  If there's an apatite to discuss these things from this perspective, it can take place in the current thread.
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