Definately set in modern times, easily in the 2000s

they have mostly done a decent job of making the show timeless. Typewriters, older tvs...older cars..can be the sign of city that isnt a rich city.

However during one episode the showed the rap sheet of a criminal. It said he was born in 1976 and his first arrest was 1992. The photo made him look around the late 30s age placing the time line present day


  • I didn't notice that. I'm actually a little bummed that they put any direct reference to the time in the show (probably tough to avoid it forever though). I really like how ambiguous they are about it. The way that they jumble it all together gives the show a really interesting feel. It is one thing that I enjoy about it.
  • i would like to think it was an editing good..but some production assistant would have had to design that document. If you freeze frame the scene you can see the dates. Perhaps they did it because one day in the future they may wanna cross over with another show and this will help them to explain how they are in the same timeline
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