American Gods 202 - The Beguiling Man

Happy St Patrick’s Day. Looking forward to watching the new episode tonight. 


  •  ***Trying to be careful for those of you who are waiting until tonight so this is not something that will spoil anything...much  ;)

    The existential joy on my twins’ face when I told them we are going to LEGO-Land was nothing compared to the look of pure elation on Salim’s face when he went full Henry Jones Sr. on Jinn’s bike...
  • @djcaudle01 Salim is so adorable he should be called Puppy instead of Shadow.
  • Was the fried chicken car scene an intentional stab at the green book or just coincidence?
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    I'm posting in this one cause this is how far our house is caught up.  Hopefully we can finish episode 3 tonight.  Now I'm catching up on the podcasts.  GOD DAMN does it feel good to have American Gods back! This show is a banger! Bangs hard!

    Raise your hand if you want to go to Wisconsin now!   *raises hand* Gotta do it for the gram.

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