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  • I think Alex gets remarried after the rocks hit earth in babylon's ashes and divorced before Persepolis rising, it should be a period of 30 years. I don't think we get an exact reference when his son was born so I think if he is like in his 20s the timeline checks out.
    About Amos, I am not really sure what to make of it, let's wait when he gets angry again, than we know for sure. :-)
  • @Schlupp I assumed Kit was born from his first marriage, but maybe I'm mixing up the show and the books... I really can't remember too many details from the earlier books as they are so similar to the show.
  • Just finished the book last night. Definitely one of my favorite of the series and it really teed up the next book. Amos is still my guy. I wonder if he will be a POV character? Has he been since The Churn novella? And what happened to Drummer? 
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    After telling myself I was going to read the books but lag behind the show so that I wouldn't put too many expectations on the show, I just went ahead and blew through all the books and novellas. I was enjoying them too much and just had to see what happened next! I think I read this one the fastest, because the stakes were so high from early on and stayed that way. I had a feeling that this far in, some major characters were probably going to die, but losing Bobbie was still rough. She did go out in the best way possible, so no complaints at all, but she was so awesome that I wanted more and I just hate to see her go. I really loved Alex and Naomi's reunion on the Roci after both had been through so much. It's a bummer that Avasarala is gone too, but not surprising. I saw what they would do with Amos pretty quickly, but still worried that he wouldn't really be Amos anymore, and that maybe we would only see him long enough to sacrifice himself getting Holden and Teresa off the planet. I don't know if he can be fully trusted, but I'm really happy that he seems as Amos-y as ever... maybe even more so now. What a long, strange trip Amos has had!

    @Reni - since it's fresh in my mind, having recently read all the books... Kit is definitely from Alex's 2nd marriage. He has a kid in the show from his first marriage, but not in the books. That whole 2nd marriage arc happens off-book within the 30 year time jump, so Kit would be in his 20s.
  • Ahhh thanks @Marci. I definitely had the show and the books mixed up then about Kit!
  • Reni said:
    Bumping this thread back up to see if anyone else has read it since and also because I realized I never posted here after finishing the book. I really, really liked it. In the last few books there was almost always a POV character I just didn't give a crap about (eg. Michio Pa, Filip or any of the Free Navy folk, and I was never crazy about Clarissa) but in this one I cared about everyone. And things are rounding up pretty nicely towards the end, I have no doubt the last book will wrap things up in a satisfying way.
    The one thing I don't really like is that I don't know if I can trust Amos now. When I read Strange Dogs it creeped me the fuck out. The kids creep me out. Amos creeps me out. I know Elvi was supposed to bring this into a more positive light but it just didn't quite work for me.
    There was another thing that was pretty weird to me and it's Kit, Alex's son. He's at university and he's about to get married. This is in Alex's mind all throughout the book and he has this weird nostalgia-like feeling and how Kit is about to fly out of the nest, and this is why he behaves kinda like a dad to that young pilot I forgot the name of. However, this is, at the very least, 40 years into the future compared to the first book. Kit must be 50+ years old. But the way Alex thinks about him is as if he's a teenager. I know people there live way longer than us, so the societal norms for what age is appropriate for what might be different, but by this much? Is this weird to anyone else?
    I'm really not that worried about Amos's character. He has always been described as someone who doesn't really have natural affect or what we would call normal access to many common human emotions. (So I don't see his core character traits being altered much at all.) Plus, you can bet your ass he will fulfill his constant "last man standing" catchphrase now!
  • Thanks for bumping this back up, Reni. Love everyone's comments. 

    I was playing catch up with the books (and novellas!) since I started watching the show a year ago, and man, Iike Marci, I just flew through them. I really loved this book compared to Book 7, though I have to say I've really enjoyed ALL of them. IMHO, the show is a bit cheesier than the books so far (expected), but gets better in Season 3. I think I just really don't like the actor's portrayal of Holden's character on the show - so wooden to me, where he seems so much more multidimensional after the first few books in the series. I suppose he's still in his idealistically stubborn arc in the show's progression, so I cannot really complain. Again, I heart this series so much! I do really love the character actors (Prax, etc.) they've brought onto the show, and my faves in both book and show are Bobbie, Naomi, and Amos. Like Marci, I was devastated when Bobbie passed, and I think I was happy & sad crying over it, especially when Alex says that line to Naomi about her looking like some "Valkerie" taking down the Tempest. 

    I do wonder about Amos, but I agree with ssvendsen's comment above. I think they play this up in the show in Season 2 with Amos's fascination with Cortizar's (sp) lack of empathy for anyone (induced by drugs acc to his POV novella) and Alex giving him lip about not caring about anyone but himself. I do love that Amos has a soft spot for children and, ultimately. that is the reason his human self is killed as he admits he could have blown up Laconia anytime but then met Teresa and didn't think it felt right <3 

    I cannot wait for coverage of Season 4 by A&J and I'm hoping Prime Video keeps it going until the end... not sure how feasible, viewership continues to increase, perhaps we'll get a little GoT-like boost in production value to make some of the later books really come to life. 

    Anyway, thanks for setting this up and hope A&J will consider covering Seasons 1 & 2 but I get why they are saying they don't want to...Just my Bald Move fangirl coming out. Shigata ga nai, coyos!
    MarciEine Frau
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