Spider-man: Far From Home (spoilers including end credits)

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Just finished listening to the boys' coverage on SM:FFH and agreed with everything they said except one thing. ARon seemed a bit off put by the Nick Fury post-credit stinger that the Skrull from Captain Marvel was impersonating him so Fury could go on some kind of 'working vacation'. They seemed to think it was a bit too jokey and didn't like the immediate ret-con of the movie within it's own movie.

I found this to not only be excellent, but maybe my favorite moment of the whole thing. I spent the first half of the movie thinking they're showing Fury a bit off his game on purpose as he himself had said being out of the loop for 5 years left him in a bit of an information vacuum. Fair enough, and was a good way to show what happens to the super-est of super spies when they have to kind of start over.

By the second half of the film I was thinking wow, they're really trying to sell this Nick Fury off his game bit, and the character was just not lining up with 20 some movies of character development. Once we got toward the end of the movie I was becoming semi-disappointed that they had reduced Fury to just being really bad at his job. He had gone from always being 19 steps ahead of any threat to just kind of reacting to what was going on around him. If the overall movie was about Spider-man getting his mojo back post snap return, the same should have been for Fury as well, but he seemed to actually get worse at his job as the movie progressed.

FFW to the second post credit scene, Skrull reveal asking for Fury to come back cause shit's constantly going sideways, is running out of ideas to tell people when they ask questions, etc, etc. Brilliant.

This means the writers set up the character to be so subtly terrible at his job that somebody who has really followed these movies the last decade should have the same feeling at the end of the movie as I did: that Spider-man was great, but man did they mess up Nick Fury. Amazing twist that at no point they broadcast that anything was out of the ordinary, but you could just feel something was wrong with the character. Until the very, very end I just assumed it was bad writing. Turns out is was incredible writing and execution, and acting by Jackson. I imagine on a second watch almost every scene with NF will have a very tiny clue that it's not him (other than the I've been out of commission for 5 years)


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    I guess I'm officially too old for high school Spiderman.  And taking Spiderman and putting him in Eurotrip but making it more juvenile but not as funny didn't do much for me.
  • So I liked the movie probably a smidge more than Homecoming. I thought Mysterio was pretty great, and FINALLY this felt like Peter Parker. A big nag I always had about Homecoming was that Peter was way too eager to be a hero or an Avenger and was too much of a suck up to Stark. Here he's not eager, he just wants to go about his business and that is what comic book Spider-Man feels like. The job should be inconvenient 24/7. Oh and I know she's not Mary Jane but I really like Zendaya. Shes probably the best live action Spider-Man female behind Emma Stone as Gwen.

    All that said there's still one big beef I have with this movie and in essence the MCU Spider-Man. A SPIDER-MAN MOVIE SHOULD NOT FEEL LIKE AN IRON MAN SPINOFF FILM.  Hell Mysterio is even linked to Tony for goodness sake (though in this instance it didn't bother me). Did Black Panther need to mention Captain America multiple times in his standalone film? No they made him stand out on his own and it was great. It especially bugs me because in the comics the beauty of the Tony/Peter relationship is the antagonistic friendship they share. Instead they've made Tony essentially Uncle Ben, and that's irritating as a fan. I get it, I get it, we've had two interpretations prior to Tom Holland and this is Marvel Studios having their flagship character passing the torch to what appears to be the face of the MCU going forward. However its not like this is War Machine; this is fucking Spider-Man and he was the Marvel brand long before RDJ made Iron Man relevant. 

  • I liked the movie, but I thought Homecoming was better. Spidey and Tom were new and fresh, and the jokes weren’t recycled. There was a bit of a twist with Vulture that wasn’t there with Mysterio. So I spent half the movie waiting for his heel turn., and the other half wondering why his spider sense wasn’t working. I did enjoy the movie, but I loved the John Hughes feeling from Homecoming. 
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