Defending Jacob

Anyone watched this show yet on Apple TV?  It’s only a 3 episode limited series but Trailer looked ok.  Any thoughts?  Any chance Bald Move covers this at all?


  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I think it’s 8 episodes but the first three were released together. 

    I read the book and hated it, so I don’t think the series is for me. Amazon must have some serious cash to splash, though - they are hauling in big names for their originals. 
  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    That was an Apple TV+ joint, not Amazon, at least over here in the states, that is the case. Either way, I thought the trailer looked great, but saw some not so glowing reviews, so I probably will be dodging this one. Its too bad, I do love me Chris Evans. 
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    edited April 2020
    @Garthgou81 Oops, yeah I meant Apple, not Amazon. They had the Octavia Spencer one as well a couple of months ago. 
  • WonderedObjectWonderedObject SAN Francisco, CA
    I thought this was a Lost reference <span>:smiley:</span>
  • I enjoyed the 3 episodes so far. I like seeing Cap back on screen. I’ve rewatched The Wire and GoT during this pandemic so new content is great. 
  • Caught up to ep 7 and really looking forward to the finale. These types of shows are right up my wife and my alley
  • I for one really enjoyed the series, although I'm not sure they stuck the landing. I'm so tired of shows trying to be overly clever by jumping around in the timeline and deliberately trying to confuse you. This was easy to watch and follow and kept me interested all the way through. 
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