Homecoming Season 2 on Prime (spoilers)

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Only 7 episodes this season, first 3 are solid. It picks up from the S1 post credits stinger. 


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    Man, the first season was one I desperately missed out on. Time to catch up, I guess. 
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    Had really appreciated the first season but found season two very disappointing.
    What did everyone else think?
  • Overall i did like it, Janelle Monae was a strong lead. She’s got the chops to be star for sure. It did feel more less like an epilogue to season 1. 
  • The mystery format felt a bit forced to me. The season literally spends 4 episodes in the middle of the season entirely showing what happened leading up to the boat. Given the first season I think most people probably figure out what happens pretty quickly. It was well made but left me feeling this was unnecessary.
  • I liked it a lot more than the early reviews indicate, but agree with sentiment that it was more of an epilogue than an entirely new season. My original impression from trailers was that it was a totally new anthology type of season. Didn’t realize it tied into some S1 characters. 

    Enjoyed it, despite it being pretty bleak overall. Glad there was some (possibly overkill) justice (?) but I’d have felt better had the justice been shall we say targeted a bit more. 
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