Penny Dreadful: City of Angels

cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
Check it out...

I'm excited.  Who else is gonna watch this?  I hope A.Ron & Cecily do a Penny Earful on this, but also I totally get it if the show just doesn't have the numbers.  


  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    It looks real good.
  • MichelleMichelle California
    It looks intriguing.  I hope it isn't plagued by the 2nd season curse the way that The Terror was.  
    And also, is Natalie Dormer's character this season's version of Vanessa Ives?
  • I don't like this trailer and I imagine the show will be much better. Nathan Lane as a detective? That should be interesting to say the least. Loved the first iteration of the show. Too bad it ended abruptly. 
  • Queen Halfsmirk seems to be the only reason to watch this, and that isn’t half enough to get me to watch this. 
  • MichelleMichelle California
    Did anyone else watch this today?  Should we start a spoiler thread?
  • I liked it. Lots of compelling thoughts on race relations. And family. it was more drama than supernatural stuff, great imo
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Very different and so far I am intrigued. There’s a lot of nazi dramas out right now. Interesting. 
  • Truly brutal murder last week (episode 4).
  • I liked this a lot better than I expected to. I never really liked the original Penny Dreadful all that much. Especially towards the end when it got very Eva Green fan-servicey. When I heard about this one and read a synopsis I didn't think I'd be interested. But I ended up checking it out and it's really quite good. I like Natalie Dormer and the story is pretty compelling and easy to follow. 
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