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    It would be hard to believe that Ron has some master plan to get Carl and Rick killed. If he was going to really do some sneaky plan he would have told Rick that Carl went over the wall to save Enid and not told him the exact truth of what happened. Maybe his master plan is to be some angel son that makes Carl all jealous to the point he kills him.
  • I totally think they are setting something up with Ron.  When was the last time a teenager said, "you were right" to anyone?  And, even if he really had decided to learn how to shoot he would have asked someone else.  You don't get over someone killing your father in this amount of time, even if your father was a prick. 

    That was actually when I liked Jesse the best, when I thought she was shutting Rick down and saying-"you killed their dad/my husband, he's not going to listen to you".....

    I had of course mentally added "and you and I are not getting jiggy with it any time soon either Mr. This is How it Is".

  • S. Smith said:

    I totally think they are setting something up with Ron.  When was the last time a teenager said, "you were right" to anyone?

    I think it's possible Ron is just using the strategy he developed to deal with his father.
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  • I'm listening to the live recording of the podcast and I am convinced they are totally going to go back and fill in how Rick got out of the RV. I think we will probably see it next episode. This week was "Now" and that bit will be the corresponding "then". Its annoying and unnecessary IMO but exactly what I expect from TWD this season based on what I have seen so far 
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    Jessie and Rick..... So much Nooo. So much no. Their characters do not go well together at all. Why?
    Also, why do the writers keep making Jessie's character speak as though she is in the middle of an original high school stage play: In JSS, the frame and blocking of the kitchen island during that scene where she is trying to give Ron a haircut looked like she was on a stage and here we are again only a few short episodes later as she stabs her zombie neighbor and somehow naturally moves center-porch-stage, and recites what is supposed to be an inspirational soliloquy not unlike something you would find in a 15 year old's stage play. I kind of feel like the only purpose of that scene was to give another inspirational kick to the Dr Chick who kissed Fistbump, as the camera pans over to her at the end of Jessie's speech. But I think Fistbump's words were inspiration enough.

    But I digress. Not at all keen on the loving that is happening here between Jessie and Rick. 'Tis true, it's been a while since he's tasted anything other than Claimer Blood (#NeverForget) but do we really think kissing Jessie is a step up from that?Sorry, I don't mind her character but not buying the love story they are trying force down my throat. 
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    Just saw on reddit, "Faces of Rick"...image
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  • Jim is now 'The Smart One'
  • Jesse's porch speech is a perfect example of my biggest beef with this show - the baffling dialogue. No one talks IRL the way people do on this show.
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    @steph_b To be fair, no one really talks like they do in most TV shows. Real life teens are never as sassy and witty as they are on TV, and who ever really goes around saying stuff like "I am the one who knocks"? ;-)

    I'm with you on the speechifying though - so over it.
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    I get that but this show is exceptionally odd. Notably bad.

    I'm not looking for absolute realism. I just want something in the ballpark of possibility. This show falls way short for me.
  • Yea. We definitely got the B team this week and giving them big speeches was a poor idea. If you're gonna have B actors it's not a good idea to give them A material. (Not that the writing was that good but that it should have been delivered by an A)
  • I think that's why there's so much hate this week, @Hatorian. I don't think this epsiode was any more ridiculous than many other episodes. I think the only thing is this episode featured all the 2nd stringers. At least for me, my love for some of these characters is what allows me to hand wave the dumb shit. Take away the characters we love and the dumb shit takes center stage.
  • That isn't blood coming down the wall spencer just spilt some ketchup, he needs something to dip those dry ass crackers in.
  • The Alexandrians didn't say the walls were "cold-rolled". They said "cardboard". The walls are made of cardboard. Because the Alexandrians don't know what it's like out there.
  • In the 'cast Jim posed the question - what do you do with a teenager who tries to kill someone in the zombie apocalypse? (When discussing the idea of Ron killing Carl.)

    That's easy. You have Carol make him look at the flowers. 

  • What if the wolf that Morgan had tied up escaped and killed Spencer.   The wolf could then just open the gate (since they never seem to guard it) and let all the walkers in.  This would be the most chaos the alpha wolf could cause.  It would also show that Morgan's philosophy is flawed especially if you are part of community.  I am still not convinced that Morgan actually even locked the door keeping the wolf in the dry-wall room.   

    I do not think they will actually go down this path, but too me this would make the most sense and really give Morgan something to ponder.  

    What do you all think?

  • That thought crossed my mind too, @phantom22202 that the wolf may have killed Spencer. If Carol hadn't ditched her watch she'd have stopped that wolf too. This sticking with the theme of consequences.
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    Oh, dear God, I’d rather have Glen saved by aliens than have to live through yet *another* fatal result of Morgan’s poor decisions. He’s sure gone from hero to zero in a hurry, hasn’t he? Thanks, writers. 
  • Some people have been saying they think that was a crack with Walker goo coming in.

    But I don't think so.  If that happens and Alexandria gets overrun then what logically follows is too much like things we've seen before.  I think they must know there are way more interesting opportunities with a long siege.

    It could be Spencer, but I kind of hope not.  I like his character.  He is SUPER creepy.  I think he will be a great bad character to have around.  That could just be me though, I've always had an unreasonable fear of frat boys.

    I think Morgan is already pondering.  He latched onto a philosophy in a time and place where it worked and saved him, and now he's trying to figure out how and if he can adjust the philosophy without regressing.

    So I do think its blood from up top, but no idea from what?????

    Oh and hey!  I think Rosita really cares about Abraham and that is why she was crying up there on watch.  

  • I think it's either a "crack with Walker goo" or its Dead Spencer killed by that Wolf captive.
    S. Smithtristan
  • Maybe Spencer killed himself?  But I don't think so.  Cracker hoarding and suicide don't go together...
  • I'm wondering why do a cold open about Enid and then go 3-4 weeks without her in the show at all? What little bit of interest in the character built up from that cold open is going to have completely disapated by the time we see her again.
  • steph_b said:

    I'm wondering why do a cold open about Enid and then go 3-4 weeks without her in the show at all? What little bit of interest in the character built up from that cold open is going to have completely disapated by the time we see her again.

    @steph_b it frustrates me too, and I think it's a symptom of having such a big cast. Like, I think The Walking Dead should have a "daily soap opera" schedule so it can have enough time to service the full cast of characters. When was the last time Daryl did anything interesting? Or Maggie? (Sorry but the 30 minutes of "You stay" "No, you stay" in the tunnel wasn't a good use of her limited screen time). Or Rosita? And where is Judith? Where is Gabriel? (Not that I or anyone actually cares.) See? The cast is just too big for the storytelling to make a whole lot of sense.

    But Game of Thrones has an even bigger cast. And even less screen time for story telling. But there's something different about it and the way it endears the characters to us regardless long how long it is between the scenes we see them in.

    Better writers? (Probably, sorry Gimple.) Better actors? (Hard to say...) 

  • @steph_b and @Tonya

    I just had an idea.  Maybe this show isn't like other shows at all and it operates a lot more like a boyfriend or girlfriend.  I think maybe I've mentioned this before? 

    Its like that really good looking guy/girl you're dating that you keep trying to convince everyone (and yourself) is actually super smart and deep, when you sort sense maybe they are just a shallow idiot.  

    You keep dating (watching) and things are great when you feel like there is something of substance there, but then there's a whole weekend when they irritate the piss out of you because on Thursday night they said they didn't know the Beatles were from the U.K. or they thought China started WWI.

    At least I think that is the way it works for me.  I had a bit there where I was waaaaaaay less in love with the show, but it was because I was annoyed about he who shall not be named.

    Now I'm getting back to my usual blissful/blind love. Its a much happier place...

  • Yeah, expectations must be managed. I'm in the minority of people who didn't loathe this most recent episode and I think that's exactly because I think it's just an average middle of the season episode. The only difference from past seasons is they're trying to introduce a bunch of new characters. It wasn't any less sensical than many other episodes. We just cared a lot less because it wasn't focusing on characters we care about.
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