Faith in Humanity Megathread

2020 has been a complete disaster.  Wildfires, viruses, hurricanes, massive explosions, murder hornets, global warming, repealing environmental protections, civil unrest in America, Hong Kong, Beirut, and other cities.  Our media is filled with angry divisive rhetoric.  Our social media is filled with "Karens" and "Kyles."  People being overtly racist.  People being violent.  

You know when you see a particularly awful image or video, there's eyebleach.  I think we need a thread for some heartbleach.  

None of that negativity in here.  Post pictures, videos, stories, thoughts, etc. that you come across that restore your faith in humanity.  Bonus points if it brought tears to your eyes.  I'm talking stuff that would make the Grinch's heart grow three sizes.

Here's my submission:



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