Raised By Wolves - Episode 4 & 5 (spoilers)

cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
Raised By Wolves - Episode 4 & 5 (spoilers)


  • Loving this Marcus(Travis Fimmel) plot of potentially starting to believe in Sol. He is killing it in this role. And I’m also Glad he’s got some high quality work after Vikings. 
  • Also Ridley Scott loves his lead women that are white, skinny, short haired and the smartest of the group. 

    Alien, Prometheus, alien covenant, blade runner, the Martian had 2 major female characters with short hair, GI Jane(less points since it’s military but still)
  • MoonMan13MoonMan13 Northern Kentucky
    do we know if this is slated for more season runs? I found myself watching this through the halfway point of the series and feeling like we're still worldbuilding. The story is big in some respects, but really a very, very, small tale.
    Great moments of humor built in. there are parts of this show that remind me of some kind of parent-swap, docu-series stuff, like on TLC or something where the kids spend a week with another set of parents. and they lean hard into the dad-joke stuff by father too.
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    Episode 4 was the best one so far.  Really enjoyed that episode.  Hopefully I can finish episode 5 tonight and then spill my 2 cents.
  • I kind of like it. I feel like it's an extremely simple and common story that is being told in an intentionally confusing and convoluted way to keep us interested. That being said, I am extremely annoyed by the massive number of plot holes.

    1. If the Necromancer's were as powerful as they are represented in this show, the war would have lasted 2 days at best, from the time they had them.
    2. How can these androids eat some food and automatically know it's safe or not for human consumption, but not with other food. And how did they not know the "Carbos" were radioactive?
    3. Why do the kids act their visible age, when they were awake and learning for the 13 years when on the ship? They should be more mature.
    4. What if that prisoner with the helmet (Already doomed to death) just decided to headbutt someone?
    5. Why did it take 12 years for them to notice the "Fruits" on the trees that are everywhere?
    6. Why does someone with an IQ of 205 not understand Reverse Psychology?
    7. When they entered the "Cave" of the yet unknown character, his first booby trap would only work and was perfectly designed for someone wearing a helmet over their face. Since the "Trip" wire was at EYE LEVEL!
    8. Why was no one suspicious that Marcus was unfamiliar with that type of Helmet Imprisonment? 
    9. This is kind of like #1, but I see no reason the Necromancer can't just fly straight to the Sol Group and explode their brains with zero resistance.
    10. Why does it seem like this planet was/is only inhabited by giant extinct snakes and Smeagol's and nothing else? 
    11. Finally, why do the Smeagol's taste like Pork and not Chicken?

    I probably have 10 more, but I;'ll leave it at that. I do understand it's Science Fiction, otherwise it would just be called Science. But some of these gaps are quite large. But other than that, it's 100% fine and I actually want to see where it goes. I just hope it's a limited series and not endless. Despite the above, I am interested in seeing what happens to the Couple pretending to be member's of Sol and what happens if or when they are found out. I'm also curious as to why Campion is immune to Radiation.
  • I've really enjoyed the series so far. It definitely has some questionable moments, lots brought up by @TangoNevada but I'm one that doesn't have too much of a problem just hand waving away some of it. Also it's Ridley Scott and as of late, he doesn't exactly go into detail with everything that's going on or the logic behind everything.

    Travis Fimmel is absolutely killing it and as @Hatorian said above, I'm glad he's getting some quality work after playing Ragnar on Vikings. That show definitely wasn't the same after he was no longer in it. 

    I'm curious to see if what this show looks like in the future. I have to assume that it's meant to be a running series Witt multiple seasons but who knows. 
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