CA Prop 22, Any Uber/Lyft Drivers on Here

TravisTravis CA
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Hi everybody.
I hope this doesn't go down as too political and not that you need my permission of course (thus being kind of dumb to say, but...), if the mods or J or A think this is even remotely out of bounds, no hard feelings on shutting it down.

OK, that said I just really want to know what the actual drivers feel about this CA Prop that designates drivers as employees instead of contractors. I can see benefits to both situations and I just want to vote with the drivers if there is any sort of consensus. The ads saying the drivers want to be contractors seems to reek of corporations forming "action groups" and giving them populist names to be misleading and I don't trust them at all. One question that comes to mind is that I know a lot of drivers work for both simultaneously. Would this remove their ability to do so?

Are there any drivers around these parts? What do you think of all of this? I appreciate any perspectives, especially those who would be directly affected one way or the other. Thanks!


  • I have no personal experience, but in Canada they've been considered employees for well over a year, maybe 2-3 years and as far as I know the drivers are supportive of it.
  • JoshTheBlackJoshTheBlack Atlanta, GA
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    As a driver this will not effect anytime soon, I'm for it.  I think there is a massive astroturf campaign against the reclassification going on.  The fact is Uber/Lyft has been charging people more and paying drivers less every year.  In my region, they are paying 11c/min and something like 59c/mile WHEN you have a passenger in the car.  In an average week, driving for 40 hours can get somewhere between $400-$800 in earnings.  After subtracting the mileage standard deduction, that is close to zero.  Most of the time, I am making less than 50% of what you as a passenger are paying.  

    Drivers are being deactivated (read: fired) without any reason stated other than vague "safety complaints" with no recourse.  Drivers aren't being given all the details of the "contracts" prior to accepting.  Drivers cannot set their own rates.  Drivers get no vacation, no benefits, no sick pay.  As an independent contractor, that makes sense.  If drivers could set their own rates, get paid more than the cost of maintenance on their vehicles, that wouldn't be so bad.  If drivers were employees they could unionize and bargain for better pay.

    Basically, I would vote to make them employees.  Not because being employees is the best option, but because Uber/Lyft both treat their "independent" contractors like employees in all the ways that benefit them and none of the ways that benefit drivers.

    Edit:  My adjusted earnings after taxes for 2018 was -$4k.  For 2019, it was around $500.  Both years my earnings were between 15-20k.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, but something is off when I'm making barely a profit if you account for basic mileage on my vehicle.  It's less like having earnings, and more like cannibalizing the future of my vehicle to pay today's bills.  And it takes 30-40 hours a week to do that.
  • Thanks so much @JoshTheBlack for that perspective. That is kind of what I suspected, but it feels better to hear it from someone who actually knows. I really appreciate you chiming in.
  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    With the election coming up I don’t have much info on the ca propositions. I always like keep up but I have been avoiding toxic media lately. But my sister drives for Lyft so I should get on board. Good discussion!
  • kingbee67 said:
    With the election coming up I don’t have much info on the ca propositions. I always like keep up but I have been avoiding toxic media lately. But my sister drives for Lyft so I should get on board. Good discussion!
    Yeah, this one is so tough because I can see the drivers liking it either way for different reasons. I'm really glad that Josh chimed in with some perspective. I want to get it right and I know that I just care about the drivers, but the water is just so muddy. I don't trust the ads at all. Josh kind of confirmed my suspicions that Uber and Lyft are slimy as fuck, which is good to know. If your sister has a take on it I'd love to know what it is too. Thanks!
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