Board game I remember A.ron talking about before

Does anyone remember this board game I remember A.ron recommending, it was like you're a farming family and it spans generations of your family? Or, like, you're controlling your family's legacy and business or something? Maybe it was co-op? Does this ring a bell for anyone? lmao


  • Doesn't ring a bell, but maybe Agricola
  • MichelleMichelle California
    Giovanni said:
    Doesn't ring a bell, but maybe Agricola
    That's what it was.
  • Michelle said:
    Giovanni said:
    Doesn't ring a bell, but maybe Agricola
    That's what it was.
    Thanks! Happens to be one of my favorite games. :) There is a great app for it too if you prefer playing digitally. 
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    Agricola is a fantastic game, but just know it's from the era of worker placement game when placement REALLY mattered, so it can feel very cutthroat by modern game standards (which I love, TBQH, but it can feel mean). There's literally one of each space on the board (although some spaces do the similar things) and once it's taken it's taken for the rest of the round. I think everyone who likes boardgames should try Agricola, both because of its importance to the hobby and because it was, and still is, a legitimately great board game, but it's not for everyone so you should try it before you buy. 

  • JoshTheBlackJoshTheBlack Atlanta, GA
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    I think @strawb3rr1 is mixing 2 games.  Agricola is definitely a game where you play as a farming family.  It's a great game, but all of the caveats that @asmallcat mentioned are very true.

    There was also a game @A_Ron_Hubbard mentioned a long time ago that takes place over several generations of your family and building up your legacy.  I distinctly remember that point, which is not part of Agricola.  I do not remember the name of the game though.  Perhaps Aron can remember it.  You might also try asking about it on though there is not a lot to go on, so Aron is probably your best bet.  

    Chances are, Aron might have played it with the Seattle crew (of Personal Arrogants and Direct fame) so maybe one of them might happen upon this thread and know what game it was.  I'm not certain of their forum names to tag them.

  • I also thought the "generations" thing was weird (and definitely not part of Agricola except that you can have kids that give you extra workers), but I assumed it was just a misremembering of the game. 

    There is a very popular game that came out last year called "The King's Dilemma" where each player is a noble house and each game is a new generation of the houses (it's a legacy game). I actually thought this might be the game in question given the generational nature and it being very popular in gaming circles the last few years, but it has 0 to do with farming so I assumed it wasn't it. If @strawb3rr1 is mixing two games it could very well be Agricola and The King's Dilemma. 
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