30 Coins (30 Monedas)

Dont see many people talking about this show. It does seem like a bit of a shame that not many people discuss HBO's foreign productions. Just wanted a place to discuss it. I like it so far and the premise seems interesting. For those interested in horror shows, i would give this a shot. And let the discussion roll in. i would like to here some opinions


  • DerlemkeDerlemke Asheville, North Carolina
    I might check it out! Looks interesting. 
  • NoelNoel Dallas, TX
    I really want to give this a shot because 1. It’s in Spanish and I’m fluent 2. I really miss Spain. But I don’t do horror. Never been a fan of intentionally scaring myself.

    What’s the level of horror?
  • Sorry., I don't mean to sound pretentious. But if it was spoken in English I think I would be all in. I use Subtitles all the time to fill in the gaps when people mumble when speaking in English. But I can't appreciate the actors performance while my eyes are reading subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Maybe that's just me. I'm disappointed because when I first started watching I was hooked. But having to read all the dialog took me out of the moment of the show. It's creates a barrier for me that I can't break, at least when it comes to something dramatic or serious like this show,
  • @TangoNevada I used to feel that way.  I think it's a skill that you develop with practice.

    Oddly enough I can't watch English speaking content with subtitles on because it's too distracting, but after watching a few dozen foreign movies and series (shoutout Dark!) this no longer bothers me at all past the first couple of minutes.  

    I wonder if deaf people read takes like yours and mine and scoff at the absurdity of it.

    Regarding the show, I haven't started it yet but it just landed on my radar yesterday.  I plan to give it a shot in the next couple of days.  I hear it gets pretty nuts very quickly.
  • One thing I do know by keeping Subtitles on all the time is that if your were actually deaf they would be almost useless. 
    For example, when there is in a song playing in the background while 2 people are talking, they insert the lyrics of the song in and around the dialog of the characters. Even not being deaf that is annoying. I can't imagine if I was.

    Also, I love how the subtitles put up phrases like 'Insects Chittering" as if a deaf person would have any idea what that means. or "Wind Howls" etc. 
  • I watched the first episode.  This show is WILD. 
  • Oh awesome! I didnt know others would watch this show. I am on epsiode 4 so no spoilers for the next. That said I am enjoying it.

    Admitting up front, this show is a little soap opera/tells novella. I almost bailed after 2 episodes cause it was a little to much but the story and mystery picks up so I couldnt resist finding out more. Personally I'm glad I kept going but the shows not over yet so I could still hate it.

    @Noel There is some horror/body horror but it is not THAT terrible. Honestly epsiode 1 and 2 are the scariest so if you can handle them your fine (only 4 in mind you).

    Now to the story- if you are not into religion dont even try. If you can deal it's a big mystery and I like the build up here. It's very DaVinci Code meets Constantine but that mystery is going to turn into something crazy I think. The cliffhanger from 4 turned my whole idea of the show around. 

    Anyway, dont want to get to spoilery unless more people have seen  it glad to hear people talking about it
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