Walking Dead 10C schedule to air 2/28

Looks like they managed to continue production in the passing months, I honestly didn't anticipate the extra six episodes this early. 


Curious if anyone has heard any news regarding this new season? Also is there any mention of Jim and Aaron continuing on with their coverage of season 10A and 10B? 


  • I really hope the guys do continue. The show has had its high and sadly, its low points but since we have been through this journey of TWD for this long, I would love to see them finish it out. I recently purchased all 4 compendiums. In the prison chapters of the book version and just read up to the moment when Rick was greeted by the Governor. I really wish the show would have followed a bit more closely to the book... with the addition of Daryl of course.

    Here's to hoping to the continuation of the Podcast! 
  • Didn’t see a thread for the new episode but I liked it. I’m more of a Maggie fan than a Carol fan, so Daryl and Maggie moments made me feel similar to the way ARon feels when Carol and Daryl reconnect. And I like what they are doing with Negan, bc I’m actually torn with that situation. The new bad guy seems kinda rushed though, but interesting. 
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