608 - "Start to Finish"

Director: Michael E. Satrazemis
Writer: Matthew Negrete


  • Maggie getting up that ladder was like a Ninja Warrior obstacle - Alexandria Ninja Warrior

    after that - who cares
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    Rick: the dad so good he left his infant daughter alone with a person recently bitten by a walker.
  • What happened? Don't wanna waste my time staring at bullshit tv tonight. I really don't.
  • Worst Fucking Episode EVER!! Actually, this season sucked. First 2 were good, Morgan episode OK (we all were expecting, and many even wanted the backstory) then it all went to shit. Usually they leave you excited to the next season, I'm not the least it interested (and I'm a comic reader, so kinda know what's coming)
  • Consistent in its suckyness - perfect conclusion to the half season.
  • If the drunken interns that the show runners use to write this tripe had ANY idea how to write true to a character then that Wolf would have killed every last one of those morons (not counting Carol of course) in that basement the second he had a chance. The first person he should have killed was Morgan. And Carol wouldn't have just had a knife, she knows better than that!

    My nominee for dumbest dialogue of the decade: "Yeah my dad killed your dad. But you have to understand one thing: your dad was an asshole." So if your an asshole then it's perfectly reasonable for someone to kill you. Gag. 

    Said drunken interns used to write this tripe had two obvious goals for this half of the season:

    1. Establish Rick as the leader of Alexandria. 
    2. The big reveal of Negan. 

    Both could have been done without so much damn fluff and filler and without the mindless trolling of the fanbase with all the bullshit Glenn nonsense. 

    This half was a waste.
  • fullroundactionfullroundaction Myrtle Beach, SC
    Massive said:

    Said drunken interns used to write this tripe had two obvious goals for this half of the season:

    1. Establish Rick as the leader of Alexandria. 
    2. The big reveal of Negan. 

    This half was a waste.
    The thing that pisses me off most is that you're 100% correct about #2, except that they DIDN'T EVEN REVEAL HIM IN THE SHOW, and they ONLY KIND OF revealed him in the 2 minute "prologue", and since I'd have to imagine only 1% (at most)  of the people watching this show have read the comics, it's a completely meaningless and pointless reveal ...

  • Listening to the Instant Take cast...yeah boys, move on to something else to podcast. This show isn't worth the time anymore, the shark has been jumped.
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    Well, that was terrible.  I set the bar really low for this show, but they usually do premieres, mid-season finales, and finales fairly well.  I was shocked when the credits rolled, and then I wondered if I was mistaken, and the MSF was next week, but nope.  Was this set in an alternate universe where almost every single main character was suddenly stupid?

    Bonus points for using the "Guts" MO, and I like that they addressed Michonne's lacking character arc, but this felt like half of an episode without even a third act climax which would be fine if the next episode were not over two months away.

    ETA: So apparently there was a post-credits scene that was more exciting than the episode itself.  
  • HeffHeff Connecticut
    I can't really put into words how badly I hate Morgan. Really sick of this pacifist bullshit they're making him do, and it's ruining a cool comic character.

    None of his dialogue with Carol made any sense, and if he can only survive as a pacifist, it's far past time for him to die.
  • Here is  my review of this episode

    Taras boobs looked nice

    the end
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    Is this finally going to be it? I've been saying for 3 years I only watch TWD for the podcast but that is becoming less and less of a good excuse. Somebody wake me when [spoiler that Kirkman spilled on @midnight] happens
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    @Massive what is worse is they still blocked the scene as if it were a hostage situation where the other people still had guns.

    Why have Tara and Rossita toss their guns if you want him to slowly back out with a hostage?

    I'll tell you why they have a scene planned where they need him to have a gun so that he can shot a main character next half season. And this was the laziest way to make that happen without having to kill off more characters.

    As soon as their guns were thrown down I immediately called bullshit because at that point that character would have killed them all.
  • LukeLuke Central Illinois
    Also the Negan thing is even more of a troll becusee you know the non comic people will be google that shit in confusion and get massively spoiled.
  • I call buuuulllshit on Andrew Lincoln saying this was going to be "bananas". There was nothing exciting about this at all. I am shocked they found a way to make the walls coming down and 4,000 walkers boring..but they did. 
  • I'm 27 minutes in and no one is trying to thin or escape this herd? What on earth is all this talking about?
  • Damn I was playing Payday 2 and time got away from me sort of but I kind of didn't care in a way. Judging from the comments I didn't miss much.
  • When they handed their guns over to the Wolf, I just wanted him to immediately shoot everybody in the room except Morgan. I don't even care anymore. 
  • Is it me or do they portray Sam like he's on some kind of acid trip.

    I'm just shocked at how bad this show has got. The only reason I can think that the wolf didn't kill everyone was maybe he thought he would need the bullets to escape. Either that or he was just stumped at how stupid everyone is.
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    What happened to Tobin?  Didn't Rosita and Tara pick him up?  I bet the next half is going to pick up with the other Alexandrians we didn't see this episode, then the following episode will be Daryl & co, then we'll finally circle back to Rick & co.  

    "Someday this pain will be useful to you."  They wrote that line for the viewers who endured this episode.
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    Does Aaron still exist or did he just get killed off-camera...
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    Haven't watched this episode yet, nevertheless it sounds like this series has truly gone to the dogs. Thank goddess for The Leftovers.
  • I agree about the wolf.  From what they have shown us on screen, there is no way he doesn't kill everyone in that room once he has a gun.  Also, I thought Carol had a gun in the back of her pants in one of the shots?  If she did, then that makes the showdown between Carol and Morgan even more insane because Carol would have just pulled the gun and shot the wolf.

    The introduction of the saviors not during the show was also ridiculous. I have heard about the saviors and Negan and was excited to see that they might be introduced earlier than the finale.  Of course this being TWD, we might still not see them until episode 15 or 16 anyway. (and I wonder how many people even saw that clip).
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    No Dr Dre I mean Heath. This show...
  • Oh yeah...having to catch the 2 minute epilogue (where nothing happened...) on Into the Badlands was such a "please somebody watch Low Winter Sun" bush league move by AMC.

    The whole attitude of this show towards the fanbase is pathetic.
  • The feedback on the Tuesday podcast should be quite entertaining.
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    Ugh. A couple almost good things here, but mostly I don't care.

    The OK:

    - I was scared for Maggie in the opening. That was one of the two times I cared.

    - The other time was Denise reasoning with the Wolf. I liked that she understood him well enough to reason with him on his terms, and maybe it worked. (Or maybe he just didn't want to fire a gun while surrounded by zombies).

    - I thought Janeway's death was fine. She went out the way she lived - somewhat ineffectual, but determined.

    The bad:

    - Rick keeps saying that they need to get out and lead the zombies away, but instead of doing that, Glenn and Enid are just charging into danger. At least have Glenn PLAN something like that, and then drop it to try to save Maggie.

    - They've all done exactly zero to zombie proof their houses, even Rick's group. I'd have been a lot happier if they had been in Rick or Carol's house and it turned out they've been putting in barriers, traps, replacing staircases with rope ladders, etc. One of the big risk points has always been someone just dying in their sleep and setting off a mini outbreak, but they've done zero to plan for that. (This was a pet peeve in the prison, too, where they didn't use carabineers or rope to hold the cell doors 90% closed, and several people died as a result - Rick still hasn't learned!)

    - So the Wolf's drywall cell is in the same building and one locked door away from their SCHOOL? F Morgan!

    - I've been a Morgan defender up to now, but both he and Carol were full on crazy this episode.
  • What a bore.  And here's something that has driven me crazy all season:  they had all the fucking walkers trapped in that quarry!  They could have reinforced that and trapped them forever, or found a way to kill them down there.  Maybe Eugene could whip up some napalm?   Instead, Rick's stupid "zombie march" plan got everyone killed.
  • Teletype said:

    What a bore.  And here's something that has driven me crazy all season:  they had all the fucking walkers trapped in that quarry!  They could have reinforced that and trapped them forever, or found a way to kill them down there.  Maybe Eugene could whip up some napalm?   Instead, Rick's stupid "zombie march" plan got everyone killed.

    Word - instead of lining up dozens of cars, all they needed was a wall most of the way up that ramp, angled to guide the walkers to fall back into the quarry. They would have tumbled themselves into paste over time.

  • Mmmm...tumbled paste...
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