Is THE WHEEL of TIME any good?

CoryCory New Scotland
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I just watched the first episode, seems crazy.


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    I have struggled to finish the first book multiple times. That said, I did watch the series and liked it. I read a lot of Brandon Sanderson, and he has some good videos and live watches that go into some pros and cons of this adaptation. I consider his opinion pretty highly considering he wrote the last third-ish of the series after Jordan’s death. It seems like common opinion is that the first book is probably the hardest to adapt, and maybe that’s related to why I struggled so much to get through it. A lot of online discussion talks about pacing being rough in book 1. 

    I spoil myself in terms of information, so I can tell you the first season of the show doesn’t do the greatest job in terms of explaining the lore, but maybe that gets cleaned up in future seasons. I think if you watch three-four episodes you’ll get a sense if you will like it. 

    Personally I think the greatest flaw is they do not show the first book and series prologue. I do recommend reading the prologue as frankly, it’s 90% of the reason I was interested in the series in the first place. I found it here.

    edit: apparently there is a new prologue from I see online after The Eye of the World was republished. The prologue I recommend reading is subtitled Dragonmount. 
  • Teresa from ConcordTeresa from Concord Concord, California
    Thanks for the recommendation. I started watching the first episode and got interrupted. But it was interesting. Now I will definitely go back but read the prologue first.
  • CoryCory New Scotland
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    At times it feels cheap, Iike soap opera cheap.

    At other times, like when the 8 feet tall wild
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    My comment keeps getting cut off
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