Episode 107 - "Bingo"

Director: Larysa Kondraki
Writer: Gennifer Hutchinson


  • Larysa Kondracki is new to the Villigang. Kondracki has directed episodes of The AmericansThe Walking DeadHalt and Catch Fire and Copper. She also wrote and directed the 2010 film, The Whistleblower. Funny siden note: She went to Canada’s McGill University prior to getting her MFA at Columbia. 
  • brewseveltbrewsevelt Boston, MA
    Watching the replay of Five-O and it's an instant classic. Such great television. Looking forward to Bingo.
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
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    What really stood out on this one was the music. Especially during the Mike applying his skills part, but pretty much all of it was killer.
  • Mike's 'fixer' scene was the best part of the show. Also fk the kettleman's seriously. 
  • April_May_JuneApril_May_June California
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    Wow, that Mrs. Kettleman is quite a piece of work, isn't she?!

    Loved how Mike tracked the money down. While he was following the Luminal trail, I turned to my husband and said "Yay, science, Bich! ... Yo!"
    Frakkin TMichaelGuyCoryFlashGordontrippy
  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Currently Offline

    . Also fk the kettleman's seriously. 

    Right? But you gotta give her credit for being so stubborn in her craziness
  • Kettleman's thread is tied up - what is next??  Mike mentioned that he has something else in the works, I wonder what that might be??
  • My speculation is that Post-Kettlemans, Nacho will re-emerge. 
  • Great follow-up episode to an even greater one. 

    And yeah I agree with @hypergenesb, Nacho won't be happy that 'his' money was returned and will see it as a debt for Saul to pay back to him and rope him in on some other scheme or at least give him some sort of deadline forcing him to act, which Saul will in turn go to Mike for in order to be able to pull off. 
  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
    Poor Jimmy. Gave up his remaining funds AND payed back into it to make it whole.

    No more dreams of the shiny new office with his GIRLfriend either (wamp wamp)

    Interesting notes:

    Love how Mike was trust-worthy and didn't skip town or screw Jimmy over with the funds.

    Nacho (Michael Mando) has been in the credits for every episode even though we haven't seen him.
  • The utterance by Mike of something else in the works has me excited.

    Can't wait.
  • SionShankelSionShankel Nattercast San Francisco, CA
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    Loving how Gillian is bringing  top female talent both in front and behind the camera. The female characters are really rich in BCS compared to BB... while no leading characters are female, its still all good. I get another female director to wax poetic about now!  
  • UnderwoodUnderwood Philadelphia, PA
    The music when Mike is breaking into the Kettlemens house is some straight up Steely Dan sounding stuff. Love that scene!
  • trippy said:

    Frakkin T said:
      I liked Jimmy's line "you'll likely be running a gang in a year Mrs Kettlemann" or whatever the exact words were.

    That was probably my favorite line from the episode. 
  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Currently Offline
    You guys should listen to the insider cast for this one. They have the actress who plays Betsy on; apparently she and mr. Kettleman were able to do a lot of background stuff to hone their characters
  • JerryBJerryB MetroWest Boston
    Jim & A.Ron asked again on this 'cast "Who is Saul afraid of?" when he is Gene the Cinnabon manager.
    My initial reaction (and I'd like some help on this) is: Jessie.  If memory serves the last time Saul Goodman saw Jessie, Jessie was in 'Rabid Dog' mode while he beat the crap out of Saul.
    If Saul heard ( as Badger and Skinny Pete had ) that Blue Meth is still flowing. Saul might think that Walt had finally rubbed off on Jessie too much & that Jessie will come back to avenge Brock's poisoning.

  • @JerryB Yeah Jesse was my initial reaction as well. I don't clearly recall Saul's end in BB but I can't think of any reason why law enforcement would be after him, which as far as I see leaves Jesse and the cartel that Gus retaliated against.

    Also just FYI Jessie = female spelling and Jesse = male
  • @ghm3 Rick Springfield might disagree. Ha!

  • I love him! When all the girls were going crazy over Duran Duran I was chillin in my room with my Rick Springfield poster.
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    @hypergenesb Haha I literally thought about that song as I typed that. It's still overwhelmingly the case, but obviously there's all sorts of exceptions (and maybe Australia is different I dunno).

    Hell even Sue can be a boy's name after all:

    Edit: ugh first one was censored
  • Blake Lively just named her daughter James
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