Bald Move TV: Rick & Morty, Ozark, Defenders and GLOW

Open thread for Jim, A.Ron and Cecily discussing Ep 3.03-3.04 of Rick and Morty, and three recent Netflix shows, Ozark, The Defenders and GLOW.


  • I don't agree with episodes 3 and 4 being the worst two episode stretch of Rick and Morty. I thought the Pickle Rick episode was a bit of a letdown, but The Vindicators episode was one of my favorites. Worst two episode stretch for me was s2e8 and s2e9 (second interdimensional cable and Purge Planet). The interdimensional cable episode was just a worse version of the one they previously did, and the Purge Planet was just a Rick and Morty version of a movie I never liked. I'd still give those episodes at least a B- grade, so I won't shit on them too much. 

    Also, definitely wouldn't recommend seeing the rest of The Defenders. I liked where it started off from, but the lameness of The Hand began to catch up to me, and I finished it just so I could feel confident in saying it was trash. I'm going to give Punisher and Daredevil season three a shot, but that might be it for me. 
  • Jim and Aaron should watch the documentary on Netflix "GLOW: The Story Of The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling." It came out in 2012 and is only 76 minutes long but a fasinating true account of the rise and fall of GLOW. I enjoyed the new series and it pays homage to the story but the true story is even more entertaining, incredible, and has more personality.
  • Thanks for that recommendation, OldMike.  I'm through half of GLOW and think it's terrific.  I used to watch GLOW circa 2000-2001 and it was unbridled campiness with some attractive women.
  • Tom_ATom_A Carcosa
    Honestly i don't think Rick & Morty warrants any discussion on the cast. It's just consists of Aron telling us the ins and outs of Dan Harmon and Roilands personal lives and his very strong opinions on the show, so much that jim and cecily could hardly get a word in. You guys are right too, the show rehashes it's themes consistently, just in slightly different ways. I really don't think it's doing anything groundbreaking anymore.

  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    i have to disagree @Tom_A. i just listened today and it was kinda cool to get Jim and Cecily's 2 cents (which i thought Aron let them get plenty of words in) then hearing Arons perspective despite his strong opinions. personally, i really enjoyed Pickle Rick so getting their take on it was a fun a listen. R&M def deserves a discussion on the cast imo so the fact that they decided to do it is a ok by me :)
  • Thanks for that recommendation, OldMike.  I'm through half of GLOW and think it's terrific.  I used to watch GLOW circa 2000-2001 and it was unbridled campiness with some attractive women.

    It's a good documentary. It really adds to the show. The series doesn't follow the real life story but it definitely pulls some of it's history and parodies the counterparts.
  • speaking about reccomendations of docs. watch the russian doping doc Icarus. CRAZY. 
  • GLOW was very good, a solid B+. 
     It's nicely set in the 1980s with music and fashion, but not hitting you over the head as a parody. It follows the general origin of GLOW but none of the characters are real people.

    You're right, this could have been a "Done-in-One" miniseries. I hope following seasons will still be as good. It will have to flesh out other characters who were mostly background in season 1.

    Also, you were concerned about finding time to watch it. I's only half-hour episodes for a total of 5 episodes. Perfect amount of time/material without much lag.
  • StoodawgStoodawg Kalamazoo, MI
    I strongly disagree with the previous statement that Rick and Morty doesn't warrant coverage. It's a big favorite of mine and I only started watching it because of Aron discussing it. Please continue the coverage!
  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    i just realized that there's no rick and morty tonight. now i feel lost :(
  • StoodawgStoodawg Kalamazoo, MI
    @chinaski I know! Stupid holidays. I saw a commercial saying it would be back in two weeks so I was let down easy.
  • kingbee67kingbee67 Los Angeles Ca.
    You know your old when you can't see what's so special about a guy turning himself into a pickle. 

    Wasn't there a Ozark thread? maybe I'm near blind, getting old sucks. 
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