3rd Annual Bald Move Fantasy Football League



  • mwspiakmwspiak Upstate NY
    Chinaski said:

    yeah your WR depth is deep.. and if most your RB's play like it's 2012 then you my friend are set!

    Lmao yeah that group is definitely showing its age. I'm just hoping to get 2 startable guys each week between that and the waiver wire throughout the season
  • If anyone in league 2 is interested in McFadden or Carr I need a better WR than Stefon Diggs
  • Anyone interested in taking over a team who has not paid? We have a few teams who have not paid
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    I'll take a team in another league. Dependent on their lineup tonight, of course.
  • I have to see who hasn't paid. Aron should be giving me a list soon.
  • ChinaskiChinaski Santa Cruz, CA
    who ever 'Vamonos Pests' is.. you chose wisely. nicely done! glad i wasn't on the recieving end!
  • yea. i was. but its ok cuz i had him in another league. plus Hill went off so I still have a shot. Vamonos Pest won last year. shes good. 
  • My one week of Ezekiel Elliot and I'm facing Karim Hunt and Tyreke Hill. That's just great.
  • Damn since when did Alex Smith lessen to throw more than 10 yds down there field? Chief's offence is looking fast and scary. And Pat's D could be rough.
  • My one week of Ezekiel Elliot and I'm facing Karim Hunt and Tyreke Hill. That's just great.

    Sorry you had to run into the Gruesome Twosome like that! CHIEFS!!!!!
  • mwspiakmwspiak Upstate NY
    Man Tyreek Hill has crazy speed. I've officially given him the nickname "Odell Beckham the 3rd"
  • Damn, Zeke is going to be playing the full season. I had McFadden too in at least one of my leagues, I was hoping to trade for a decent receiver. Fucking Goodell cant even suspend people right.
  • Wow Tom Brady made me look bad
  • Well, here's to the health of David Johnson and Ezekiel Elliot.  Long may they run together.  
  • mwspiakmwspiak Upstate NY
    sucks to see players get hurt week 1. I can't imagine David Johnson being out too long with the wrist but Allen Robinson's injury did not look good at all.

    Anyone else see Blake Bortles go over and slap his INJURED knee??!! That guy has no awareness in life, let alone on the field lol.
  • Is it me or does this just seem like a down week fantasy wise ?
  • mwspiakmwspiak Upstate NY
    Rylan said:

    Is it me or does this just seem like a down week fantasy wise ?

    yeah it does. not many points scored overall and a lot of let downs by players who were drafted high. Nice week for the rookies though between Hunt and Fournette. 
  • I already jinxed it.  
  • MrXMrX CO
    edited September 2017
    Rylan said:

    Is it me or does this just seem like a down week fantasy wise ?

    Down week for the NFL in general, not a lot of good games. US Open this week was better than anything from the NFL.
  • I'm in league 1 name is IE Knights.
    If you want to trade hit me up I sent out 4 trade proposals so far.
  • I finally get to see what a winning-week push notification looks like
  • Hatorian, did you get all the unpaid teams figured out? I'd be into picking one up in another league if you haven't
  • I'm still trying to figure out which team hasn't paid.
  • I don't think Thomas team is going to pay up if he hasn't paid in either league. Has he been making lineup changes? He started OBJ last week and this week in the one I'm in. 
  • yea. i think its thomas team in both leagues. but there remains one other person, 

    i think that person is Green Street Elite??

    can that team owner comment they have paid?
  • So there's a person that committed to two leagues to just ghost out of here ?
  • I just joined the club, so I missed out on the getting in on this. But, if you need someone to take over a team and pay I'd be willing to take on a team. Let me know.
  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
    edited September 2017
    here are the 3 teams that will be up for grabs on weds. if no owner response on payment. first come first serve. Obviously you cannot buy a second team in a league you are already in but feel free to buy a team in a league you are not even if you are in a different one. Like its fine to buy a team in league 1 if you are in league 3. but not ok if you are in league 1. 

    League 1

    Thomas team 1 -1

    QB: Russell Wilson

    WR Odell Beckham

    WR Doug Baldwin

    RB Dalvin Cook

    RB Mike Gilliselee

    TE Kyle Rudolph

    WRT: Alshon Jeffrey

    Bench : Kenny Britt., Andy Dalton. Jordan Matthews, Austin
    Hooper, Samajie Perine

    K Gostkowski

    DEF KC Chiefs, Jacksonville


    League 2 Teams


    Thomas Team 1-1

    QB Kirk Cousins

    WR Antonio Brown

    Michal Crabtree

    RB Dalvin Cook, Isaigh Crowell

    TE Greg Olsen

    WRT Derrick Henry

    Bench Jonathan Stewart, Andy Dalton, Jacquizz Rodgers,
    Marvin Jones Jr, Julius Thomas

    K Justin Tucker

    Def KC Chiefs, Green Bay

  • Wait, sonofabitch the team that beat me 129 to 126 is a goddamn ghost team?  FML.
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