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    Honestly, the whole Dorne plotline has been ridiculous so far. 
    Thank you! The Dorne scenes don't even feel like I'm watching the same show. I was really looking forward to seeing the Sand Snakes and Prince Doran this season, I'm not a book reader, but I had done some basic research online about the plot for this season and saw that these characters were being added to the cast. So far, it has been AWFUL. Prince Doran has had maybe 3 lines, and he is in the exact same spot each time. And I cannot stand the mom/Oberyn's partner (Ellaria I think is her name) and Obara's accents. "Cersei loooooves her cheeeeldrennnn" They make my ears hurt. Doran's and the other two snakes accents sound more realistic.  

    But going back to the sand snakes whole screen time thus far, none of it has been realistic. First we see them just hanging out in a tent in the middle of some dunes waiting for Ellaria to return with info that Doran won't help with the revenge. How long had they been waiting there? Long enough to erect a fairly decent tent and bury a guy up to his head in the sand. And then Obara goes off on a stupid tangent/backstory about how she's going to help with the revenge with her spear.  

    Then we see them trying to fight Bronn and Jaime, with probably the worst choreography/editing I've ever seen in a fight sequence, particularly with the caliber I hold this show to. I feel like when A.Ron and Jim were discussing the unsullied and how they use spears and how unpractical that is in narrow corridors etc. The same can be said about a stupid whip and spear (which if you watch the fight sequence again, she basically just uses as a shield) against men with swords. The only practical weapon they have are the poison daggers. 

    And finally, the scene from this episode, which has been the best so far, but still totally ridiculous. How many times did the camera pan up and down on Tyrene's breasts?? Granted, she's got beautiful breasts, but still, it was a bit much. They could have gotten the same point across with one decent shot. And I still don't get how getting turned on triggers Bronn to feel the poison all of a sudden. And then why give him an antidote?? I love Bronn, so I'm glad he didn't die, but it makes no sense!
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    Jim said:
    I really want to check it out but I can't until this season of Westworld is over. There's no way I want both of those shows rattling around in my head for the next 10 weeks.
    I wish you guys were covering this show! You help me understand Westworld, I could use your help with this one too