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  • 105 - "Contrapasso"

    To me this episode busted the parrallel timeline theory.  

    We had the MIB and Ford meet, they both referenced Delores with Teddy there.  They said she was with the people who killed Lawrence and were after Wyatt.  Aka William and Logan.  

    Logan and William are in the same timeline as MIB/Ford.  

    The flashbacks Delores are seeing are normal flashbacks, not some fucked up ouruboros timeline shit. 

    We also got confirmation that the current Hosts are more or less replicants, they are biological androids that are more or less indistiguisable from humans.  
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  • Podcast Wrapup - April 24th

    @Jim one thing we definitely need is a zombie kill of the series for old times sake.  

    Or maybe even a top 5 or something.  
  • 106 - "The Adversary"

    @cbspock they are the bottom of the totem pole minimum wage guys. They are not there because they are rocket scientists. It is also likely whomever is masterminding this whole thing specifically picked these two dumbasses because they knew they would fuck up.

    To me the main narrative thrust of this season has become pretty clear. Theresa in an attempt to overthrow Ford's control of the park unlocked the Bicameral system in order sabotage the woodcutter and perhaps a few other Hosts to make them seem like a threat.

    However she unlocked Pandora's Box and ether Arnold himself that he downloaded into the system or some sort of Trojan virus he left in the system has taken over and has begun rewriting the older Hosts.

    I find it interesting that apparently even Ford is unaware of the scope of the changes and I think Anthony Hopkins isn't long for this show. I was pretty worried for him by the end of this episode.
  • The Jedi Attire

    Really hiding Luke where Darth Vader/Anakin's mom is buried with his only remaining relatives is probably the worst possible place to hide him.

    The robes are the least of his worries.
  • Alien Covenant - Spoilers

    I feel like some people just go to these movies to hate on them. Let's face it if you didn't like Prometheus and you went into this movie with your arms crossed you got what you deserved.

    Characters in the original movies were over the top. They did stupid shit. I mean these are part horror movies, part of the draw is the tension when you know something bad is going to go down.

    I for one love slower burn more realistic sci fi. Now if only we could get someone to fun a new IP with this kind of money behind it.

    Ridley Scott still has it, the scene where Walter was playing the flute with David had me at the edge of my seat.

    I also have zero problems with David creating the perfected Xenomorph. I really enjoy the irony of Wayland creating life to help him search for the meaning of his own existence which has to have some higher meaning and telling David his purpose was more or less to bring him his tea.

    I really don't see how a sequel could fit between Prometheus and this movie though. I'm not sure I need a whole film of David slowly dissecting things and falling deeper into nihilistic madness.

    Also we have all the answers we need. Humans were a fluke. We already knew in Prometheus that if it were not for the Engineers ship crashing Earth was to be rebooted with the black nano weapon.

    Now we know where the eggs came from and why they would just be stashed around the galaxy waiting for people to find them. David has full control of a colony ship full of people to turn into alien Queens.

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  • 706 - "Beyond the Wall"

    It floors me that people are criticizing this podcast for "not being hard enough on the show".

    Didn't they both agree that last episode this season was a D+ plot with B- execution?

    I would call that at most lukewarm praise, it's not exactly Chris Hardwkck dick sucking going on in the Bald Move podcast.

    I'm sure that if the last season is a dumpster fire the hate will start flowing a bit more.

  • Star Wars - General Discussion (Spoilers all)

    I would argue good Star Wars stories can be done.  

    Both the Kotor games are great examples of taking things we know (Jedi, Sith, superweapons) and doing them in a distant past where nothing really ties directly to the OT.  

    In fact one of the best things Lucas probably ever did was forbid most of the EU creators from messing with the movie cannon.  

    It actually challenged people to go beyond the films.  

    But that's how bad the Prequels were (though in hindsight I admire that at least Lucas was always about doing something new or different).  People forget we had a good decade of good Star Wars spin-of media before fans turned on the series.  
  • 805 - The Bells

    The only consolation to all this is at least Disney has said after episode IX they are putting Star Wars on ice, at least in the theaters, for awhile.  

    So likely that trilogies that have been given to the DD's and Rain Johnson are never going to get made.  
  • What are you playing?

    I bear Tomb Raider and picked up The Witness in sale.

    The first few hours were really fun but now I'm starting to feel the limitation of making everything a line puzzle.

    A bit of variety would have been welcomed rather than have Tetris based or symbol based puzzles shoehorned in to fit a line puzzle.