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  • 713 - "The Milk and Honey Route"

    Did anyone get misty eyed when Sally read the death note? I cried like a little B.
  • 106 - Five-O

    DUDE I CALLED IT! I wrote this on last week's show thread:

     "I have thought since Breaking Bad that Mike's granddaughter is actually his son's daughter, and that Kaylee's mom, who I am assuming is the woman Mike was mad-dogging from his car, is actually Mike's daughter-in-law. It's purely head canon at this point, but it speaks to a tragic loss for for Mike; I wonder if he had a son who died. Maybe that's why he left Philly in the first place."

    This episode was amazing; no doubt whatsoever in the Villigan's mind that Mike could carry such a heavy episode. It makes me think that, if Breaking Bad had more episodes in a season, it could have been a great mid-season 4 episode.]

    Listen man we can't all be sucking Bob Odenkirk's D getting all the scoops and spoilers beforehand!
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  • Season 7 Wrap Up Podcast!

    Since you guys are going to be discussing the series as a whole hopefully during the wrap up cast I thought it would be interesting if you guys talked about any characters whom you would have liked to see again who maybe left the show too early for you or maybe you wanted them to pop up in the final season. Of course for me that character would have to be Sal. Recently saw the episode where he was fired during the AMC marathon and wanted more closure for that character. He tells Don he rejected Lee Garner Jr's advances because he's a bully. Don more than implies that Sal should have just bent over and taken it from him if it meant keeping him happy and dismissively says, "you people." Finally the last time we see Sal he's calling his wife from Central Park telling her he'll be home late and disappears into the forest with other men obviously there tohookup (1960's version of Grindr). Would have been nice to see him come back like Kinsey but I digress.....
  • 714 - "Person to Person"

    Are we to believe that at the very end Don went back to MCCaN wrote the Coke ad and took care of his kids?
  • 104 - "Not Fade Away"

    Every single one of the soldiers in this episode gave off a very serious rapist I kept waiting for a scene where Alicia or Ophelia get cornered by one of the soldiers and put into that kind of situation where they get forced into doing something as a matter of fact I felt like they even set that possibility up multiple times during the ep. Thankfully they didn't go there this episode but it was kind of implied these soldiers were super horny based on that one scene at the beginning where the soldier guy had the clipboard in his hand and was flirting with the those two girls.