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  • 102 - "So Close, Yet So Far"

    For the love of god someone just take 30 seconds to tell the daughter what's going on so she can stop running around like an idiot.

    And what's up with Nick going from ok to full trainspotting withdrawal in the timespan of like 5 minutes?
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  • 204 - "Down Will Come"

    Damn fine police work. Damn fine.

    But seriously, that was fucked up. What a horror show clusterfuck. PTSD for everyone. was expecting to end on a crazy note after a slow episode but this took me by surprise. That last still fade-out was awesome and completely captured the "oh fuck" of the situation. Let's see how our heroes will cope with this shit. They still have a freaky cult investigation to attend to.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to rewatch this episode right away :)
  • 103 - "The Dog"

    @Ashley Don't know about you but I can't wait for Maddie to sport a full beard and machete a guy to death in a church.
  • Official discussion for The Martian

    @Luke Huh? Plutonium has a really low gamma- and neutron-ray emission rate so unless you ingest it it's not that dangerous. It's mainly an alpha emitter and that's only really a problem inside the body.

    Maybe you're confusing it with uranium or something?
  • We Need Your Help -- Video

    Some quick questions:

    How useful are the commissions right now? Is there a huge waiting list or can this help out? I've been wanting to put in a commission and this might be a good reason to expedite that decision...

    Have you thought about ditching Libsyn and moving to another service?

    And a quick tip:

    Don't use Youtube for videogame content. Use Twitch, that's what it's for. Playing a lot of Destiny? > stream that stuff. Announce on Twitter. Get paid subs and donations. Refer back to the website from Twitch to lure visitors in.

    Youtube is an isolation chamber more suited to post clips for people who already know you and vids you link to from external pages. Twitch is more about discovery for users.

    Longform and live streaming on Twitch, cute or exciting short clips of things that happen during streaming on youtube.
  • Metastasis (Columbian Breaking Bad)

    I've seen it. It was fun and I really got into it. They changed a bunch, some better than the original, some worse. Acting ranges from good to serviceable.
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  • Snowden

    As a dutch guy all I want to say to our American friends is: Don't fuck this up for everyone please. We have a good thing going, no need to dismantle the whole thing and hand our edge to the fucking Russians and Chinese. This new obsession with this perceived "holy right to privacy" all of a sudden is a threat to the integrity of the entire Western world and in a more narrow sense NATO. This safety and freedom thing we have hinges on people knowing what's best for them and keeping their mouths shut. You should be proud of and value the achievements and capabilities of the CIA and NSA.

    In The Netherlands we extensively use intelligence services to protect citizens as well as political, military and economic interests (all these overlap in a huge way). The best and brightest of our citizens work for our agencies. We have the most wiretaps per capita in the world probably. The CIA has personnel trained here. We've developed and exported to our allies large chunks of the systems these privacy alarmists and conspiracy theorists are raising a fuss about.

    The result: One of the smallest yet most safe and prosperous countries in the world with an incredible capacity to project force and power at will with impunity. Everyone with a Dutch passport directly benefits, our trade and our economic interest are secure and the agencies in question and the unsung heroes employed there rarely make the news.

    Burning any part of that hard-gotten system by leaking is treason, plain and simple, and directly benefits our enemies who can't wait for the whole deal to implode.
  • Mr. Robot is Quite Good

    Love how people always ignore Fight Club's anti-feminist and fascist subtext.