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  • Twin Peaks: The Return, Episodes 1 - 2

    Cooper rubbing that guy's jaw outside the storage unit. Holy shit, I don't even know. Just: WHAT. Disturbing, mesmerizing, odd. That's why I watch. I was kind of phone-watching in parts (that school principle being accused of murder and interrogated, snore), but this show has moments I've never seen anything like.
    Re-watching Fire Walk With Me tonight (instead of starting ep. 3). There is a very disturbing scene where Leland rubs or pinches Laura's cheek. Echoes....
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  • For All the *Grumpy Haters*

    I enjoyed it, and felt it was consistent with what the show has always been: a solid dark fantasy, with great world-building, that occasionally gets too up its own butt and becomes just silly.

    For me, the dragon attack was a legit. "woo-hoo" moments.  And overall, I felt the battle scenes were much better executed than the previous 2 episodes.

    Dani's turn was surprising, yet still clearly motivated by her experiences. If the producers had chosen a more traditional arc for her, fans would complain that the end was too predictable.   I do agree with Jim, who suggested that it would have been better to have an event in the battle trigger her -- like Drogon getting a bolt through his tail. Regardless, Jora and Missandei's deaths seem like motivation enough.

    Jamie's end was pathetic, but in line with his character. He always gave in to his weakness, and never earned any kind of redemption. 

    Cleganebowl was gory fun. Not sure what else they could have done there to lend it more stakes. Maybe a callback to the original conflict between the brothers would have helped...

    Arya's choice to leave was surprising, but, again, consistent with the show's pattern of under-cutting its hero figures.  I'm sure she'll be critical to the last episode, so we'll have to see where she ends up.

    Varys's end was a bit of a flop. I feel like the show never had a good handle on what to do with him. I think a "bottle episode" with Varys really would have helped.  Doesn't he still have that sorcerer in his luggage?

    Anyway, that's my 2¢.
  • Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker *SPOILER DISCUSSION*

    I enjoyed it. But it requires turning off the critical part of your brain, and just being in the universe with the events and the characters. I can't do this with all movies, but I can do it with Star Wars. I guess because, the second the scroll pops up, it's like I'm nine year old again.
  • You are spoiling Game of Thrones in your season 2 podcast

    Wait she loses her dragons? Last I checked, she still had two...
  • The Queen's Gambit (Netflix)

    No Spoilers
    I couldn't get enough of this show, and I am tempted to watch it a second time because everything else seems to pale by comparison.

    The chess in this show is legit! Garry Kasparov and Bruce Pandolfini were advisors, and the games were adapted from classic games of the era. There are a bunch of YouTube videos analyzing the key matches presented on the show. 
    If you don't know chess, it works too... and maybe will inspire you to learn. The filmmakers came up with pretty much every possible way to make chess cinematic.

    Every single character is so clearly defined, and well-acted. I wanted to learn more about even the most minor characters. I felt each episode could have been expanded to a full season.
    Great period detail. I would put it in the same category as The Americans and Mad Men in the way it completely transports you to another time.
    And, as everyone else has said, ATJ gives a breakout performance.

    I wish there would be a season 2. They could do a prequel or a sequel. ;)

  • Ridley Scott's Raised By Wolves Show Premiere Episode 1 only (spoilers) HBOMAX

    Whoa. If this is a back-door Ridley Scott Warhammer 40K show, I am all in.

    Bring on the Orks!

  • Supporters of the Episode 805 The Bells, I have some questions.

    Dany did not obliterate Cersei who should have been a direct target. Instead Cersei dies in a tunnel under rocks. This is based on what I’ve seen and not interpretation
    Yeah, I agree the creators made a pretty big mis-step here, and have left us with an interesting mess to ponder.