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  • 208 - "International Assassin"

    Just listened to the podcast, and one of the listener feedbacks mentioned how John was in prison when the kids were born. That's not true. There are only two occasions we know for certain he was in prison, one is at the time of the departure, the other one is when Evie flooded the bathroom as a child (when they were five). So if he was in prison for six and a half years, it's impossible for him to have been there when they were born. (Unless he was in prison twice.)

    Some smaller things that I don't think were mentioned on the podcast and I noticed on my rewatch:
    • Kevin isn't just getting any bouquet of flowers. He's getting Lilies. Probably just an easter egg, but it's interesting that Mary and him both get a delivery that connects to their child.
    • It was mentioned that Kevin drives the girls' Mercedes, but it's worth noting that he also meets Virgil in that car in the garage, so Virgil had it first. Is he connected to the disappearance?
    • Some people speculate Virgil still might come back to life, but I disagree. First, he drank the water. Second, he said to Kevin drowning wasn't the best way to go over because there's no exit strategy. Pretty sure there's no exit strategy to blowing your brains out, either.
    • How come all the GR members are allowed to speak in the hotel otherworld?
    • If you look closely when Kevin is talking to his dad through the tv, the connection doesn't just get lost, someone pours a bucket of water on the fire. Was it just hotel staff (not standard though, there are fire extinguishers for a reason), or does someone not want Kevin Sr. talking to his son?
    • Neil tells Kevin that international assassin is a great job "No wife, no kids, no responsibilities. I can see why you picked it." And granted, all the other clothing options involve a great deal of responsibility. Are we supposed to think that deep down Kevin still wants to leave his family, and that's why he chose the suit?
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  • Your Vote For Worst Returning Season of 2015

    Game of Thrones. Not even sorry to say it.
  • Jim and aron are their nicknames?

    I love how everyone knows Jim's real name, but nobody will say it. It's like the best secret society ever. Move over, Illuminati! We're coming for you.
  • GOT: Erotic Fan Fiction- Spoilers

  • Come "Sail Away" with Me! Friday, 1/12/2018 @ 3pm EST

    This was a lot of fun to watch. I said it at the absolute end but I now want to watch A.Ron play lots of other simulation games. We can have Farmer A.Ron, Trucker A.Ron, Train Conductor A.Ron....the possibilities are endless!

  • You know you’re addicted to Bald Move when...

    ...when you listen to podcasts on shows/movies you haven't even seen or watch their Twitch streams even though you're not into gaming at all.

    ...when you low-key scream with excitement whenever Cecily joins a podcasts (aka. you know you're addicted to Cecily when...)
  • Chernobyl (HBO)

    I'm also glad they didn't do the accents. That's one of my biggest pet peeves in movies/tv ever.

    Also, I really must give extra props to the set designer. I grew up in Eastern Europe, and never in my life have I seen a movie set around here that had stuff in it I actually recognized. The clothes, the vehicles, the wallpaper, the furniture down to the last garbage can (that Jared Harris carried outside in the beginning) were all things I saw every day. So this all felt really close, even though we lived some 1300 kilometers away from Chernobyl. Right now I live only about 70 kilometers away from a nuclear power plant, so needless to say this show has given me a whole lot of anxiety...
  • Summer Vacation

    I'm afraid the closest I'll come to a vacation this summer is housesitting for my brother's boss for two weeks (while they're on a real vacation). But they have a smarthouse and like 8 cats so I'm gonna have a good time, too!
  • Ideas for the next groundhogs day marathon...

    A lot of tv shows have done "time loop" episodes. I don't know if there's enough for 24 hours, but it would have the Groundhog-vibe for sure.