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  • We Need Your Help -- Video

    This was such sad news.  I love so many of the podcasts and really enjoy hearing your thoughts, theories and predictions. I have starting watching several new shows at your request and have never regretted it!

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to throw out ideas, but i have a few!

    - Use your resources!  While (strangely) the Club Bald Movers are a small group, I feel like they are a dedicated audience.  I would assume there are many of us who have a talent or trade they would donate time to in the name of Bald Move.  What about having contests; such as listeners submitting designs for web banners, merch or new show art for bragging rights, internet points and a free year membership?  I feel like people could submit designs and they could be voted on in the forums or hell, just arbitrarily chosen.  You could spend a whole lunch debating the best designs.  Cracked does a Photoshop contest every week and receives thousands of submissions, however they only pay $50 to the winner.  The exposure could be well worth the pay off

    - Social Media: You guys are great on Facebook, love that Cecily is taking over the Bald Move Instagram account, but maybe expand your network.  I have seen other start-ups exchange a year membership for people to promote their products a certain number of times per month.  Think about it: sucks you cannot afford the new membership fee?  Hows about promote Bald Move on your social media X times per month and get free access.  Choose regional representatives to avoid over-saturation and consider number of followers as a contributing factor.  If they already listen regularly, it shouldn't be too hard to share their favorite podcast of the week, right?

    - OK.  real personal bias here because i love stickers and have worked in the vinyl and digital printing world for the majority of my adult life.  Cut vinyl logos are one of the cheapest marketing plans that actually work..  Vinyl is cheap, so you can pay pennies per square foot and ship them as easy as slipping them in an envelope and sending regular mail. It gives exposure, people can send in selfies and who doesn't love stickers?!?!  Give them away with large purchases, send as a thank you and contact me if you need an estimate.  Branding + Marketing+ Barley+Intellect = Profits?

    I would love to contribute ideas, skills or just brainstorm drunken ideas.  Would be a huge loss for me personally if you went off the air.

    Hope this helps!
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  • 705 - Holes

    I think the tables are turning and Beverly Hope may become the leader over Kai. She could be the one "Queen Bee" that everyone serves, tying in the bee metaphor.

  • 407 Proxy Authentication Required

    Just wow. So many questions now!

    Did anyone else see the similarities with Vera and Elliot in the "little bitch" stories? Not that Elliot was a bitch for being molested. But both involved baseball bats and taking down a bully. 

    Is it possible that Mr. Robot is not Elliot's actual father, but a father figure who is protecting him from his father the monster?

    Maybe Elliot remembers Mr. Robot in his flashbacks because the image of his real father is too painful?

    I'm rivited by this show and convinced it'll go down as one of the best TV series of our time
  • 703 - Neighbors from Hell

    The doctor must be in on it. I feel like Ivy is at least complacent in the clown plot if not completely in on it herself. What if Ivy did the pinky game with EP and said she was afraid Ali would eventually go crazy?

    Oh and I have some serious bookcase envy! Love that living room set up
  • 710 - Charles (Manson) in Charge

    Listening to the podcast and just wanted to drop some useless information on ya! 

    Milk is one of the most basic solutions out there. When I used to do synchronized swimming (don't hate), we would flush our eyes with milk to neutralize the chlorine and other chemicals in the pool at the end of practice or a meet. I'm guessing it would do the same to neutralize pepper spray, but that shit must have still hurt bad!

  • 410 - Gone

    While I wish the Dom/Darlene connection would have been played up more, I liked this episode for what it was. It wrapped up Dom's story and while yeah Darlene was a bitch for ditching her, I think a solo trip to Budapest might be exactly what Dom needed

    It makes sense for Darlene's character who has been known to be a flake. She chooses to stay for Elliot. I thought this was a nice way to have some feels before the big showdown between WR and All the Elliot's.

    Nice to see Ivr too!