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  • 707 - "The Dragon and the Wolf"

    Great performances, especially the Lannister kids.

    And it's official: Jon Snow has aunts in the pants.
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  • 107 - An Almost Religious Awe

    Watchmen viewers: why is everything so weird?
    Twin Peaks The Return Viewers: oh, you children of summer
  • 805 - The Bells

    Well, Robert Baratheon was vindicated at least.
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  • 107 - An Almost Religious Awe

    No one could have predicted that the sequel to the giant blue penis movie that restored the fake alien squid invasion from the books would be weird.


    * The trapdoor gag with Laurie works for me because it's fitting for The Comedienne 

    * We see three explicitly racially constructed views of generational memory: white identification with a "heritage" of violent supremacy, an African diaspora of parents and children separated by that heritage and strict generational coherence of Asian immigrants. Each of these generational points of view (which we see in our own world) is warped in this one

    * If the Klan became Dr. Manhattan, why would they remain white supremacists? Dr. Manhattan lost the ability to relate to human emotions and racism is driven by emotion. It's difficult to hold on to racism if you have even normal broadening experiences, let alone if you transcend spacetime.

    * The real Lady Trieu rode an elephant, so you all fits.

    Except that if she had been pushed into choosing between burning innocents or withdrawing from battle and went with the path of mercy over wrath, there'd be just as strong a claim that that choice was set up in the story.

    It's not enough that she has character flaws. For us to accept this transition in her character, these flaws have to be triggered by something identifiable in the situation.

    We have seen nothing to suggest that Dany would kill people who have surrendered. We have seen a lot that suggests she's motivated by a desire to protect the vulnerable and enforce justice for crimes against humanity.

    If that is alll out the window now, we deserve to know why. Jon's claim on the throne isn't enough.
  • 108 - A God Walks Into A Bar - Spoilers

    Hold on...the creatures on Europa are dedicated to Adrian even if they cannot abide his unwillingness to live on their terms?

    You mean that despite their own reservations with the philosophy, they're...

    ...wait for it...

    ...Veidt Supremacists?
  • 107 - An Almost Religious Awe

    Lindelof to THR

    Considering episode seven's ending, it would appear we have some explaining to do," Lindelof tells The Hollywood Reporter about the ending of "An Almost Religious Awe," in a quick interview conducted over e-mail. "I'm answering these questions before it airs, but if I were watching the show, I'd be starting to panic that we can't possibly bring this all together in just two more episodes. So, uh…don't panic?" 
    "This time, it's clams. Racist space clams. Ku Klux clams."
  • The Irishman

    It was like watching John Gotti play The Sims for 3 hours.
  • What are you playing?

    Just finished Red Dead Redemption 2 and am deep into The Outer Worlds (aka Fallout...IN SPACE!)
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  • Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 8 "Bagman" (Spoilers)

    Along with "jump the shark" and "nuke the fridge" (both of which are generally negative comments), I propose we add a new phrase "drank the pee" to indicate when a show finally gets all of its characters fully committed to the premise.

    Like, Jimmy was still trying to find a way to be a good guy while indulging his worst instincts, but by the end of the episode, he drank the pee and is fully Saul.

    Kim did her best to balance plausible deniability with spousal privilege, but once she decided to see Lalo on her own, she drank the pee and is now in the game.

    Okay, maybe this isn't such a hot metaphor. Maybe "trashed the Suzuki" is better.