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  • I'm sad.

    Come on in, have a seat by the fire.
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  • Pet chat for all animals

    I'm a soon-to-be dog owner as we're moving from a place that doesn't allow pets, to one that does. I've had dogs before so I'm really looking forward to being back in the game :)

    I'm a supposed-to-be fish owner, too. My wife is Persian so we had a haft sin for Persian new year and with it comes goldfish. I really gave it the old college try to keep them alive because I want to actually dabble in some aquaponics. But alas... they did not make it. I moved them from a bowl to an aquarium... even did the water conditioning and used some of their old water but no dice. womp womp. Maybe next time.
  • What is your most mundane celebrity encounter?

    When I first moved to LA I worked for a woman who had a coffee shop and gift basket business in Santa Monica. I delivered the baskets randomly around town on my bike. Coming back from one delivery I came back in and Ray Liotta was sitting at the coffee bar. The owner asked where I parked my bike and Ray said, "What kind of bike?!" I said, "Giant. It's a mountain bike" knowing he thought we meant motorcycle. He just said, "Oh" and turned back to his coffee.

    What might make it not mundane is that he was wearing a baby blue velour track suit.
  • Binge Mode GOT

    I am a huge Ringer consumer. I agree that their staff is legit. But to me it just makes what ARon and Jim have so much more special because it’s rare to get personality, effort, and talent that all fit like the two of them do for my tastes. 
  • Rick and Morty

    redlancer said:
    OMG we're getting the best podcast I never knew I didn't not know I needed!

    Our lives are now complete...
    This is such a huge thing - I'm so proud of these guys and am legitimately excited they got this opportunity. And I love that they got it partially because of their hustle with Stranger Things. I was looking through the forum waiting for people to freak out about this and I can't believe it's not bigger. Amazing, amazing news.
  • Bosch Season 6 - Spoiler Discussion

    CapeGabe said:
    When watching this season something made me confused.

    They confronted and cornered the dirty FBI agent and him and his partner share a nod before she kills him. At the time I thought she was in on it. Then nothing else happened on that storyline.

    So does that mean that simple nod was him saying to his partner "Yes, I did it. Sorry. Could you do me a solid and kill me so I don't have to got to jail? Thanks." Well that is a huge load to put on a simple half nod.

    Or was my initial impression correct and it will be addressed in next season?

    I am hoping it is the former. When this season trailer came out and heard dirty bomb I was worried they ran out of ideas and were heading towards 24 territory. I was greatly impressed how they took that storyline and turned it on it's head.

    My wife and I had the same thought. It made me suspicious of all her actions for some reason (Reese, not my wife...). but we couldn't tell if it was more of a, "don't do it bro.... plz" kind of look and he did the, "Sorry, gotta" look. I trade these looks with my golden retriever all the time.
  • One Weird Trick

    @JoshTheBlack @JaimieT - thanks! I joined, different screenname (musicoftherightkind) so we'll see how many times I can stumble around and stub my toes in there. Feeling old.