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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    I rarely post on the Bald Move forum (too shy!) but I feel like I know you regular posters.  I've felt the emotional ups and downs with you all since this thread first started. We were supposed to leave for Japan this Sunday.  We canceled a month ago. That now seems like a year ago.  

    We're in San Diego, I have two kids (a teen and a tween) and adjusting to home schooling for the rest of the year and trying to give my business the attention it requires is challenging to say the least.  We're driving each other nuts and we've only been quarantined since Friday.  This last page of posts started to have some more levity (except for those Miami kids!) and it put a munch needed smile on my face.  Thank you Bald Movers!  I feel like Dee is my mum too, and she's never heard of me!  The Bald Move community is amazing. I've never seen anything like it.
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  • TACOS!!

    JSDCA said:
    I was inspired by last night's taco talk and scrounged through our Covid 19 refrigerator - located some soyrizo (vegan chorizo; but with so many spices it tastes the same!) and I made chorizo and eggs.  No green onions to be found, but I had cilantro, baby tomatoes,  some cabbage and even a ripe avocado!  I will admit it was a structural disaster to eat, but it was delicious (kids ate it too) and nice to be annoyed by the mess rather than current events.

    Never uploaded a pic here before, so not sure if this will work or not....

    Guess that didn't work!  Trying again. :) Bear with the newbie please....

  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    Jojo Rabbit.
    Finally got the whole family to sit down and give it a try. Everyone had to give it 20 minutes.  No one left the room.  Best family /all ages movie I've seen in ages.
  • TACOS!!

    As promised... from Taco Fiesta in Mission Valley, SD:

    I can’t believe I’ve never had Taco Fiesta!  There is one only 2 miles from our house. Got to try it ASAP!  We’re hardcore El Zarape fans. I personally love their potato rolled tacos.  I hope they are able to stay open. 
  • John Adams miniseries review?

    We loved this miniseries when it came out. And after watching Hamilton last night I’m ready for a rewatch.